Post your favorite endurance (2h+) music / mixes / tracks: and why?

When I do 6h+ rides, I typically try to get in the zone for the first 100-150km with music.

Have you found your optimal / perfect sound tracks / mixes / playlists whatever?
Care to post spotify / apple music / youtube links if applicable?

I’m curious. I’ll give a head start. I often listen to this:

I like long playlists that “keep me in the zone”. I also try to download great youtube mixes by DJs. Just something that distracts me from cycling so that I keep peddling those kms without thinking too much about it. Hours in zone 2 can get quite boring for me…

I generally tend to like podcasts more to actually distract me
save some tr podcasts and watch them on youtube :wink:
The gtcc podcast was always a blast as well with g thomas being cocky and talking trash but is only 45minutes each episode.

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dj in a former life. Also, good for workouts but I don’t listen to music for riding outdoors any more.

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why not?

Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast, of course!

Mainly I’m not doing a bunch of long slow rides. Most of my riding this year has been fun MTB riding any way and I never felt the need to supplement that with tunes I guess. Historically I’ve used music a ton for training, indoors and outdoors - for outdoors I would just use one ear bud, I just don’t feel comfortable with than any more.