What electronic music/DnB for hard workouts? E. g. Noisia, Calyx & TeBee

I love 91-93 era rave music before the genres began to creep in. I suggest checking out Warlock for some excellent old school mixes as well as modern techno/bass stuff.




Some excellent techno:


For those wanting something more uptempo:


Also, here’s my own mixes if anyone cares. I’ve been djing for 20+ years. Been meaning to record some new sets for my workouts for awhile now. Will post more when they get done.


This playlist list on Spotify. UK baselines does the trick

Reviving this since some of you seem to know an awful lot about good music :wink:

Just listening to the latest news Camo & Krooked mix from their Vienna Ferris Wheel gig - love it!

(especially from 9:00 onwards)

I wouldn’t know how to describe it, but this seems to sound different to me than “usual” DnB.
I consider Calyx & TeeBee also along those lines.

Any other suggestions in this style?

this gets me through most hard workouts:

I find having the visuals a really helpful distraction.

Thanks, I’ll check it out! Good idea regarding the visuals - so far i’ve been keeping myself distracted by Zwift :wink:

I just accidentally discovered a mix that I LOVE:

Think this is now turning into a “post your sickest DnB mixes for suffering” thread - time to rename? :wink: