What do you usually do the day after a long ride?

I usually have my long outdoor ride (4h+) on Sundays after a Saturday of intervals/strength training. And then followed by a day of complete rest (Mondays). Sometimes though, the weather is horrible on Sunday and this forces me to complete the ride on Saturday. I always doubt whether I can simply switch up the days and do my intervals (supra threshold in this case) and ST the day after my long ride, still keeping Monday as complete rest. Maybe it’s not optimal but it is it really detrimental?

I was just curious to hear what you guys usually do the day after a long ride?

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I block my workouts to be on two consecutive days.
Right now:

  • Sunday long and low outdoors (Z2), Monday TR indoors

  • Thursday Friday: TR indoors

  • Wednesday Saturday: Weights

When I can’t match that, I just swap the days around - only thing that seems to matter is: No more than three days of work without at least 1-2 days recovery.

Depends how hard the ride is. If it was strictly Z2 then I reckon I’d be able to do some strength training or a harder intervals session the day after without feeling too bad.

If the ride was tempo pace or above, the intervals the next day might be achievable but significantly more unpleasant.

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Not optimal but if you can hit your target power then it should be fine.
Another option is to do the intervals on saturday and then do some hours at Z2. (And Sunday do maybe a small ride at Z2)

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Another long ride?

As @martinheadon said - it really depends on what you did in the long ride.

How much TSS and what zones were you working in?

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Go for a long run

I always take the Monday off, regardless of what the Sunday ride entails. Monday is my reset day.

It’s the weekend. I like to ride my bike. 2 long rides always. Especially if the weather is nice.


On the weekend if I can’t get out on one of the days, recently I’ve been doing a 90-120 min fasted endurance ride on the turbo with 4 x 8 minutes at sweet spot with a low cadence (60-75rpm); 3 mins between each work interval.

Today was 5 hours mostly zone 2 with a few tempo blocks thrown in (Dutch headwinds ;p). Fueled well and will also take in enough calories to sustain a double day tomorrow and finish off my ssb phase before heading into build. Looking forward to the recovery week next week.

I’ve done this before, but try to avoid this order most of the time. Just curious if other people ever do this.

Currently in SPB LV and I do my long (3-5h) Z2 rides the day after the VO2max workout. Next day is completely off the bike to fully recover. Haven’t tried going 3 days in a row yet as I feel I won’t be able to recover fast enough to still do the other prescribed workouts. May give it a shot before my rest week to see how my body reacts.


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DO IT! Fatigue resistance. If you can complete them, it will do more for you than if you do them fresh.

ANother way to look at this is doing intervals 1,000 kj in, then 2,000 in…more advanced moves, but if you’re there, got for it!


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If the long ride is on a Saturday, what do I do the next day?

Another long ride on the Sunday (if time allows)

Run or swim

I do the ride again, but faster :slight_smile:

Hehe apparently you’re not the only one… But I prefer to have just one long ride per week and make it really long (most of the times it’s around 4h30/5h) instead of two long rides back-to-back.

Depends on how my legs feel on Monday, either a 20 minute really light spin or total rest.