Saturday long Endurance ride and Sunday Intervals

Due to family commitments, it is easier for me to do a long steady ride outside on Saturday, rather than Sunday. My workouts on TR has hard intervals on Sat for 1.5hrs and then 2hr steady ride on Sunday.
I know not ideal, but if I do a 3 or 4hr ride outside on Saturday, can I still do the hard intervals on Sunday? I know i will be less fatigued if I did it the reverse, but just not possible to ride outside for a long time on Sunday.

Some people advocate doing just this. Intervals on tired legs. It can really really make you strong but it is taxing.


I have done this. Makes the interval workout really taxing for me. I need the Monday recovery day off for sure.

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How about do intervals during your 4 hr Saturday ride, then just do a short zn 2 ride Sunday


I second this and recommend even a day off Sunday. That was my old schedule before I got tight on time. Intervals Wednesday, easy endurance thurs and Friday, long sat with intervals, easy the rest

Cannot you not edit your training week to start a ‘day earlier’ so that you do intervals on a friday and saturday is your longer steady ride, will mean every day ‘shifts’ up, so if you had monday as a rest day, it now becomes sunday, and the training plan follows as it normally would?

Means family is sacrificed on saturdays for a full day of you on sundays.