What Crit Specialty workout to replace with outside sprint drills

Hi All,

I’m thinking of replacing one workout a week from the mid-volume crit specialty plan with outside sprint training. I’m wondering if any of you have done this and what day you swapped out (or whether you just tagged it on)?

This is a tough one, since those Tuesday and Thursday workouts are going to be really technical and hard to repeat outdoors. I’m not sure exactly what intensities and durations you’re going to practice outdoors, but I’d recommend either replacing your Wednesday “easy” ride if you have the legs, or trying to recreate the Thursday workouts outdoors. Those are a little less complex and should be slightly easier to approximate outdoors.


Thanks @larry. I guess I was not necessarily thinking of reproducing the workout outside, but which one would be the best one to skip and instead do what @Pete suggested here:

It looked like this would be a pretty taxing workout to do every week instead of the Wednesday “easy” ride, especially if I also start racing around the same time. Thoughts?

@cyclhist Looking at the weekly plans I think you have two options. Wednesday or Friday.
Some people aren’t as affected by sprint workouts are are able to do hard workouts the following day, so doing them on Wednesday after your endurance spin is a good option. I honestly always find myself doing them on a Friday because that’s when I can fit them in, and I even do them before B and C races. If the week has an A race on Saturday then I’ll skip sprints on Friday but still probably tack some seated sprints on the the end of a workout when I’m still feeling like I can put out the power to get something out of the sprints.


Thanks, that’ll give me something to experiment with. :slight_smile:

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