Maximum # of "hard" workouts a week?

I’ve been working off of the mid-volume road training plans for most of the year, and I’m now in the specialization phase (criterium focus). I’ve been doing really well sticking to the plan as prescribed, with a weekly schedule as follows:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Hard intervals
Wednesday: Easy Spin
Thursday: Hard Intervals
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Longer hard intervals
Sunday: Longer medium-hard intervals

Now that Spring race season is in full swing, our weekly local crits have begun on Tuesday evenings. Originally I just slid my Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday to Wednesday/Thursday/Friday, but this basically leaves me with only one rest day a week and 5 hard interval/race days. I’m still only averaging under 10 hours a week total on the bike, but I’m wondering if I’m overdoing the hard days. Is 5 per week too many for someone on that type of volume/schedule? Should I change one of the hard workouts to an easy spin if I’m going to be riding 6 days a week? Any input would be much appreciated.

Keep the normal TR schedule and simply insert the Tuesday night Crit for Tuesday’s TR Hard Interval. That is almost a perfect substitution and no other plan modifications are needed. If you feel like you didn’t work hard enough during the Crit, you can always do some intervals after the race.

Up to you entirely, but I have found that my quality workouts lose quality if I do more than 3-4/week and that depends on how hard those individual ones are.