Incorporating Racing/Group Rides into Short Power Build

I’m sure this is a question a lot of folks ask themselves or have asked here before. I’m currently in the second week of short power build MV I’ve been racing crits and circuit races on Saturdays as New England spring weather and my schedule allow. I have the option of riding 3 fast group rides Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday and am unsure about how to best incorporate them into my training. My goal for the season is to become a competent crit racer, take a podium finish, and make it through cat 5 in one piece. I’m 5’10", 150lbs, FTP 290. What do you think would be the best way to incorporate one or more of these rides into my schedule while minimizing impact to my training? My current training plan is as follows:

Short Power Build Medium Volume
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Hard (anaerobic thresholds)
Wednesday: Easy (Endurance)
Thursday: Hard (Sprint/VO2 Max)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Hard (VO2 Max)
Sunday: Moderate (Sweet Spot/Threshold)

The group ride options are as follows


  • 35 miles
  • 15/16mph to 20mph
  • All paces in steady paceline
  • ~1500 ft elevation


  • 30 Miles
  • 19/20mph to “race pace”
  • More aggressive and lots of surging/attacking
  • ~1000 ft elevation


  • 30 Miles
  • 15mph - 22mph
  • Steady(ish) Pacelines
  • ~1500 ft elevation


It sounds like wednesday is the best crit simulation, so if that’s what you’re specializing for, that’s the one I’d suggest. Then working backwards to shape your week around that ride, something like this might work (assuming life permits)

Monday: Hard anaerobic
Tuesday: Easy endurance or rest
Wednesday: Group ride (replaces Sprint/VO2 max session)
Thursday: Rest or easy endurance (if you don’t want two off days back-to-back thurs/fri)
Friday: Hard VO2 max. I’d skip this on race weekends, maybe do an easy ride or an opener if you’re feeling up for it.
Saturday: Moderate sweet spot, moved to sunday if you’re racing saturday
Sunday: Rest

If the sat/sun rides are longer in duration than what you have time for on friday, you can shuffle those around.