Edit my plan - crowd sourcing

Looking for some crowd sourced opinions - I am primarily a track rider, but will likely do a lot of crits as well in 2019. No major race so I’m planning a vague peak in July-ish. I’ll find something to make the peak worth-while. Riding/Racing for I think 8 years now, normally 8+ hours a week

Here is my plan:

  1. SSB-Mid Vol - I
  2. Short Power Build - Mid Vol
  3. Crit Specialization - Mid Vol
  4. Here my racing will begin typically 1 a week. First one will be gravel - then spring crits, track, and whatever else shows up
  5. Short Power Build - Mid Vol
  6. Crit Specialization - Mid Vol

Here are the things I’ve been debating:

  • Should I go base, build, spec - or base, build, build - or base, build, base for 1-3? That first gravel race is important but not that important.
  • When I get to step 5, should I add vol or something to get more adaptation? I’m thinking higher FTP would drive harder workouts and i’d still build
  • Again at step 5, should I just stick to specialization and ride it out? I’ll be racing a lot so I fear build like workouts won’t jive well with races on the weekend

If you want to peak later in the season you could consider Base, Build, Base, Build, Specialty.

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Thanks…that was my first plan and I’ve deleted about 48 times before writing this post.

Would you stick to the same plans or go with a different vol or plan when you get to the second instance of base/build?

I’ve seen it discussed that the first base could be traditional if you have the time.

I believe @Nate mentioned cycling the same base/build multiple times.