Workout recommendations. 4 weeks out from a Crit

I spent the last 23 weeks completing Sweet Spot Base 2, Short Power Build, and Specialty Road Crit which I finished up at the beginning of April. April and May has been spent racing a few weekends and a trip to Asheville where my friends and I ripped each others legs off. I’ve been riding 5 times a week but have been only training sweet spot and threshold.

I’ve got a Crit coming up in 4 weeks and wanted some advice on what type of workouts or plan I should complete leading up to the race. I’ve definitely lost some snap so I figure I need to work on my Aerobic and VO2 Max. Any advice is appreciated and thank you in advance.

I’d say (albeit from limited experience) that anything that trains you to accelerate at 600 W out of every corner and recover at 300W relentlessly for an hour sounds about right.

With a 255 FTP I don’t think there would be much recovery at 300w :sweat_smile: It’s a Cat 4/5 race with a few friends/teammates so I’m looking to be more of a support rider to chase down breakaways, help bridge gaps, lead out, etc.

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Why not just do weeks 5-8 of the criterium specialty plan? Tune you up and taper you…

as to what @martinheadon said, jump into the criterium plan and maybe go for the second 4 wks. Or take a look at that plan and choose the Tue/Thur work outs. Crits are on and off the gas, so your workouts need to simulate that. Wk outs like “Hunger” are a good bet, 15 sec efforts followed by 15 in sweet spot zone are always a good replication of the efforts needed. Then sprinkle in some sprints. If you have the ability to utilize TR then go that route vs trying to figure it out on your own.