What calories to use?

Probably a simple question but couldn’t find this on here, so posting.

I’m trying to figure out what my calories used in a workout for nutrition planning. TR says 381/512 for example, kj/cal. So is that 512 calories?

When it syncs to Garmin and then into MFP it changes to 377 calories which is what appears in MFP.

So is TR saying 512? Should I use that if I’m watching calories?

So confused…

Just use kj = kcal= “Calories” in the US vernacular

Did you stop a workout short?

If so it will say 30/50 TSS and 300/500 kJ/kcal which means you did 30 out of 50 or 300 out of an expected 500kj/kcal

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Ah, that explains it. Yes. I shortened that one.

Thanks so much!

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