TR workout energy output question

I’ve noticed that TR workouts display the energy output as (insert number)KJ(Cal).

This doesn’t compute. I was under the impression that 1Cal (note: capital C) = 4.18KJ

So which is it? Is Kaweah 1,354 KJ (310 Cal)
1,354 Cal (whole medium Pepperoni Passion thin and crispy Dominoes Pizza…)

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It tends to workout close to 1:1 (cal to kj) due to efficiency concerns. So it’s 1,354 Cal.

That sounds crazy!!

In order for me to fuel this workout and maintain my weight I would have to consume my standard BMR:TEF:NEAT Calories, then eat a whole medium dominoes pizza?? (quality of nutrients notwithstanding)

Is that really what the science says?

For anecdotal reference from a significant period of trial and error;

BMR 1,900Cal
TEF 190Cal
NEAT 1100Cal

Would I really have to consume the above 3190Cal + 1354Cal = 4544Cal everytime I did Kaweah or a similar workout to maintain my weight?

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Yea, that’s what that’s saying. However, If you’re trying to lose weight, I’d obviously go with the lower estimate. Perhaps take 80% of the estimate?

Is your NEAT really 1100? Do you have a very active job? Same with TEF? How did you calculate that?

Finally the NEAT number and your workout number have a little overlap since your NEAT is now out of 22.5 hrs of the day instead of 24.

I work in a fitness facility so work on my feet. My average step count per day is 11,000. With the populations general inability to re-rack their bloody weights I am very active at work lifting, carrying and teaching classes etc.

TEF, the general concensus of the reading I’ve done is around 10% of your Calorie intake. This I’ve affirmed through the trial and error adjustments I’ve made based to the other figures being accurate.

If this is the case I should be losing weight… I’ve spent the last 6 weeks (yes even over xmas) consuming around 3000Cal while completing SSB1 MV

Yea, you raise a good point. How big are you?

I’m interested in hearing some replies from others who are more educated than I am. I know they talked a bit about it on the podcast, however, I have no idea what episode. They talked about the 1:1 conversion due to efficiency as well as how as your FTP increases the amount of calories also increases.

I’m 85kg and have been fluctuating around that figure since the beginning of Dec 2019. I assume that the 1,354KJ(Cal) figure I’m quoting from Kaweah is specific to my weight and FTP as both are recorded on my profile?

The KJ for your workouts is based off your FTP, but not weight.

Does anyone know the Podcast episode that this is talked about on?

Specifically I’d like to know where the 19%-24% efficiency figure came from?

4.2 KJ/kilocalorie. KJ In TR is in reference to work done only. Pedaling efficiency is Coggan’s math based off of power and calorimetry. With being ~25% efficient pedaling, work done to spin the crank is nearly equal to calories burned. Keep in mind that while the numbers are nearly identical, they represent two different measures.

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It’s been on multiple episodes, so hard to pinpoint just one.

A few facts they mentioned:

  1. It’s hard to measure
  2. There isn’t a whole lot of variation among individuals
  3. It is not trainable