What Beer are you enjoying?

Good local beer last night, after a couple days in the Costa Rican cloud forest.


Numu brewery


Always read about your beer

We are researching Blue Zones…



Hopslam YUM!! Didn’ realize it was 10% ABV, 20 proof!! :drooling_face:


I red to get me some of that while it is available.

I was told they will be bring out more minikegs! So hoping one finds its way here somewhere/somehow where I can snag one. I DID end up with one too many years ago. To say it was rare was apparently an understatement, as no one had apparently ever seen one! Luckily I saved the carcass. I thought everyone had access to one. If it was rare here, did ‘anyone’ else get one?

It was so nice having a snort of Hopslam without having to open another can. (I have never seen it in bottles)

Going to crack this one from the event this weekend. Had a few from the keg post race so looking forward to it


Papagayo Brewing’s Tropical IPA, at the marina’s aptly named Dive Bar. Turns out I’m a Chorotega fan.


Tighthead Brewery Tube English Bitter Ale……quite good, but pretty high carbonation for a beer that is supposed to be a British Bitter. This was a better pour than the first one I had the other night, but still a lot of head.


Imperial draft.


I miss tropicals…

New Belgium did the ‘Tropical Torpedo’, and it was so good, and then POOF it’s gone (around pandemic start). I heard that it was on ‘limited distribution’, but couldn’t find it anywhere I went. Magic Hat did their ‘Electric Peel’, and it was amazing, and they went out of business, so that’s gone too. Boston Brewing did a tropical too but it was short lived. Hmm… Gotta look around and see if anything is out now. Some ‘tropicals’ were so grapefruit heavy to be obnoxious, so…

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Nice can…

That wasn’t a good tropical, and speaking of that I’m going to miss our ten days in the tropics… but for all things holy I could not live in a humid area.

Met my oldest daughter last night at Double Clutch Brewery in Evanston….they won Best Brewery in their size division at the GABF last year. Most of the beers are German-style….a great change of pace to the parade of IPA’s.

Of note was the Rauchbier on the far right….very light in color (looked like a Pilsner) but had a strong smoky flavor to it. Will definitely visit them again…great beers.


Breweries that specialize in German style beers are hard to beat. We’ve got one here in Knoxville called Schulz Bräu and while I don’t care for some of the darker styles (dunkel especially), they do them well.

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haha….those are the styles I prefer for German beers. :rofl:


Around here, you take what you can get. Don’t know which one you referred to, but the Sam Adams was the weakest. shrug The Tropical Torpedo was actually my first ‘tropical’, and it was, to me, a game changer. I think I went through quite a few cases of that stuff. :person_shrugging:

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And drinking a true German beer warm breaks out the tastes. The whole thing is like a different beer, and it’s (usually) better. Not so with much of the US domestic stuff.

I prefer most of my beers on the warmer side….as noted, it brings the flavors out. I always ask for a room temperature glass when ordering draught beer.

The exception to that is if I am drinking basic Pilsner style beers from the major brands….TBH, it wouldn’t surprise me if the idea of “ice cold beer” was developed to fool consumers re: just how bad those beers really are. :crazy_face:

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Coors… Well, more fitting: Coors Light…

It’s who you know…

Got one of these today. I think it was last years that had a ‘spruce IPA’ that was incredible! Looks like it’s not in this years, but still. Looks like some good stuff.

It’s got Slurm, Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, The Curl, Stellar Ale, Superfluid, and Good Humans on Nitro!