What Beer are you enjoying?

Bell’s Hopslam….love how the honey offsets the bitterness of the hops. Great color.

Solid day at the beverage store….grabbed some new Hop Butcher, a Czech Dark Lager from Old Irving, and the Hopslam.


I was hoping to get a mini keg of that, but they didn’t release it in them (again) this year. shrug

Wow, picked up another 6 of HopSlam, but unlike last year when the store had a literal pallet stacked 5’ high with it, there has been only 4 or 5 six packs at a time. Costco, two years ago, had a ‘loose case’ of 24 bottles, and they had a pallet of those, and they disappeared pretty quickly. So is this years HopSlam that thin, or am I seeing the early wave of deliveries to retailers. For people waiting for it, it might be a long wait? I think this is more anticipated than Oberon. (And their ‘Eclipse Oberon’ was confusing to me. It seemed very much like regular Oberon, but I skipped the official Oberon release. Waiting for Double Oberon, but haven’t seen or heard a whisper whether it’s out this year)

struck out looking for Hop Slam in NorCal, oh well.

Post ride beer about 2-min from my house:

slammed the Chichen-IPA, loved it!

Tropical Storm IPA was also :+1:


Penrose Goofy Boots IPA….attended a Supplier Summit for one of our (soon to be) largest customers. Outside the hotel was a place called Spears and their tagline was Beers, Bourbon, Burgers. OK, if you insist. :wink:

Grabbed dinner for the family to go (the Coffee BBQ Burger was outrageously good!) and had this lovely bevy while I waited.


Odd. They said that when they sold out, it would allow for more consistent nationwide distribution, and open up other breweries to produce their products. Apparently it’s not going quickly enough. :man_facepalming: I’m in the same boat, other side of the country: I’ve been looking for Stone 27th ever since I heard about it. Their 26th was found on a fluke at a small mom&pop on the way home after stopping for water after a ride. I was blown away as no one else had it. They had 2 6’s, and I went back and the second one was still there, so rescued that one too. I got their 25th at the local beer store, and was able to get a second one. (That was some powerful oat soda) The local distributor has odd thoughts on what to carry. More IPA’s? No. More seltzers. Heck yeah! :roll_eyes:

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This turned out to be my favorite beer of 2023, so I used the same name for my Fantasy Football team. Because beer.

Tonight’s 1-2 punch


Stone Hazy IPA was yummy.

St Bernardus Christmas Ale was Geraint Thomas stellar.

Got a taste of this

New Zealand hops? Que bueno!


St. Bernardus is a very good Xmas beer….had it last year, I think. Maybe the year before.

Quick day trip in and out of Denver yesterday……had an Incredible Pedal IPA from Denver Beer Co. Not bad, but nothing that jumped out, either. Pretty standard hazy IPA.

The Green Chile I had with it, though…… :pinched_fingers:t2:


Not quite like having your brain smashed out by a lemon wrapped around a gold brick, but kinda tasty…


This was fantastic.


Like x a million on that Shiner - stock up!

Haven’t had it in a few years, but have really enjoyed the Xmas Shiner in the past.

Trader Joe’s - and I got two $6 (?) bottles of the TJ Holiday Ale brewed by Unibroue

My oldest is about to get engaged - meeting his family tomorrow! :metal:


That pic from today? If so, you’re starting early :rofl::muscle:

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Last night!

Visiting the brother and family. Started early, crushed the can, then remembered I’d like to post a photo. Happy Thanksgiving to the US folks, happy Thursday to the rest.


Is that who makes TJ’s holday ale? I have to say, Fin Du Monde is one of my faves…even though it’s Canadian Brewery, it’s just so Belgian, even though it’s probably more French…but still a damn fine beer. In fact, I wanted to break my sober streak with a Fin Du Monde on draft but flubbed it with a taster. I’ll have to pick up a TJ’s bottle or two along with a FDM for the rest of the holidays.


Yes, I’m guessing it’s off label Fin Du Monde.

Mine on the left, brother-in-law’s beer on the right.


Alpine is a stellar brewery from East San Diego County. They were acquired by a larger brewery a few years ago, Green Flash I think, and only then did they start to have any distribution. Back before the acquisition, a buddy and I used to trade off going out there to get a couple growlers of their Pure Hoppiness DIPA.


Harland Brewing Hazy IPA.