As we all know, the only thing cyclists love as much as coffee, beer, and FTP increases is cake! So, since we already have a “What Beer Are You Enjoying” thread, I decided we ought to have one dedicated to what cake/pastry you enjoyed on or after your ride.
I’m betting the European contingent is going to have a strong edge on this one, though Americans who live in places with cookie restaurants at the tops of their climbs may offer some good content as well.

I’ll get things started:

The other day, my partner commented that she was really missing a dessert they traditionally eat in her Finnish homeland during February (to celebrate their national poet’s birthday - it was his favourite cake). Naturally I decided to figure it out and make her some, as they are non-existent in Canada. Given the difficulty of scaling recipes, I ended up with 6 cakes rather than the 2 we required. So, they’ve been my post-workout recovery strategy for the past couple days. It’s ok, I just started General Build, the time for weight loss has passed.

I present to you the Runeberg Torte. With 68g of carbs, 21.4g of fat, and 9.3g of protein, I’m going to give it a completely unfounded recovery nutrition rating of 6/10 and a completely biased though confirmed by the GF deliciousness rating of 9/10 (10/10 being reserved for true patisserie master works):


My daughter makes brownies all the time, she being 15 and basically able to burn endless calories, sees no problem with it. I figure, since chocolate milk is such a favored recovery beverage, how could brownies not be better? They have chocolate, and we eat them with milk. If you consider that they have eggs in them which meets your need for whey protein post workout, they are basically the perfect training recovery food.


Didn’t someone launch us into pastel de nata nirvana a few weeks ago? There’s some eggs in there, I’m sure it scores well protein-wise.

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Feel free to send excess treats to your fellow Canadians :slight_smile:


Absolutely, on their own brownies are just dessert, but when combined with a glass of milk, definitely a recovery meal. Also, that looks delicious. Chapeau to your daughter.


Oh man, so delicious, but I can’t imagine eating custard on a ride, or even shortly after. Maybe before though…

It was me! I recently had another portuguese treat called malassadas, they’re fried dough sprinkled with sugar. My hometown is home to a lot of people from the Azores islands, from where those come from, and my parents like when I visit because it gives them a reason to go get some from the bakery


A bit like Spanish churros?

Oh wow, just googled, those look goooood. Definitely could eat a malassadas mid-ride.

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Malasadas and churro are pretty different but equally tasty. Portuguese sonhos are closer to churros though different shape.

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Ahhh, I didn’t even think of it until it was mentioned in that link, but I guess they are pretty similar to Beaver Tails, which are a local staple here in Ottawa.

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As a fellow Canadian, I am strictly powered by maple syrup and poutine.

Jokes aside - banana bread, pumpkin muffins (found a food recipe with lots of nuts/seeds), and a small quantity of baklava make the list. Poutine is post-workout recovery obviously.


I’m embarrassed to admit I had never had poutine before this past summer, it really is an amazing thing



I ran out of Skratch Hydration a few weeks ago, and have just been putting maple syrup and some salt in my water bottle. It’s actually pretty good once you get the ratio right. Poutine is a mandatory part of my meal after any ride 200km or longer.


Do they still make those? Would actually be a good mid ride choice come to think of it.

Since I am about to depart for two days work in Brussels I say Belgian Waffles!
(Yes it is not only a ride, they are a thing!)



Not enough of a cook to make my own (must get around to perfecting ‘museli bars’), not in an income position to pay cafe prices (given other ‘discretionary’ spending). /shrug

also, I’d need to downsize some of these. [or up my volume… /rubs chin thoughtfully]

/settles for a couple of Tim Tams (frozen, then ‘slammed’ in my coffee) - or a couple of shortbread (“Scotch Finger”) biscuits.

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Ha, what an excellent thread, you are so right what cyclist doesn’t like a coffee and cake mid-ride.
My go to cake on a ride has to be a carrot cake not exactly as healthy as the name might suggest (but what are :wink:) but so good with a coffee

I’m going to enjoy keeping an eye on this one, by the way your Runeberg Torte looks amazing well done :+1:t3: