Coffee recomendations

Anyone got any good coffee recommendations? I’ve been sampling various brands/blends recently, some of the ones I’ve enjoyed are Death Wish, Loam Coffee (fast delivery to UK) and Beak Fluid.

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Are we talking beans, or ground, or filter…?

I get beans from Horsham Coffee Roasters. They supply to the FCB chain of coffee shops in London, and they’re based not far from Box Hill and all the other Surrey Hills too.

AND they’re providing some free coffee to give away as prizes at the Time Trial I’m organising in Surrey, so I’d feel bad if I didn’t pass on a recommendation…


How do you like Deathwish?

59mg of caffeine per fluid ounce. That’ll keep you moving! :biking_man:

I’m a fan of Ethiopian coffees, especially those that are natural/dry processed.

BTW - I had to look twice to make sure this was the TR Forum as I’m also a member of coffee roasting forums. It’s a good marriage of coffee to cycling. Unlike my other indulgence, beer, coffee can be a performance enhancer (when it doesn’t keep me up at night). :wink:


Breadwinner. They’re great dudes. Make awesome custom bikes. The coffee tastes great too.

If you like 90s punk rock (specifically the band Jawbreaker) check out Jet Black Coffee Co.

And, of course, there’s

For anyone in the US, my two subscriptions are Latigo and Demitasse

For UK, I really like Hasbean.


I should ask Breadwinner if they’ll sponsor me since I share a last name with Tony, practically family!

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Cross-linking the espresso thread here as well: Espresso DOES make you faster

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Still looking for a medium priced coffee maker in the UK, Not a grinder as I buy ground coffee.

I’m really basic and use nespresso and get a brand called bestpresso from amazon. I did have a lower end espresso machine but it started leaking water. Wish I could get a higher end unit, it is fun being a home barista, but the nespresso is a reasonable alternative for my less sophisticated tastes!

We have a nespesso but I do like a mug of coffee and I don’t find nespresso that good for a full mug

I use a ninja coffee bar. Got some Illy whole bean dark roast as a gift and i’ve really been enjoying it. 4 oz high concentrate drip before a ride does the trick. I only drink my own on the weekends. Free dunkin at work all week.

My husband and I own a coffee shop (well, mostly him…I have my own thang). We love the roaster we have been using for over a year and they are based in Los Angeles, called Compelling Coffee. Even their decaf is amazing (called Palestina) when I go on coffee rehab…

A couple other recommendations: Verve, Onyx, and Take Flight


I use Lavazza her in the states…great flavor and not too expensive.

Here is what I do:

I go to my hometown in India (Bangalore, home to 10 million people), get some robusta coffee from a local coffee grinder, and use a stainless steel percolator to get ultra-concentrated decoction.

(Arabica coffee doesn’t grow in India, and my family has been drinking robusta for generations)


edreynolds, do you have any criteria in mind? Death Wish are in my hometown, and despite the caffeine focus, their product is good. I’m partial to second-wave American roasters rather than what we’ve come to now, and as such, one of my favorites of recent years is Late for the Train out of Flagstaff, AZ. Choose their single varietal offerings for an introduction, then if you’re interested in saving a nickel, get a 5lb of one of their signature blends. I have yet to get a single product from them that disappoints.

Don’t judge me, but I like instant. Not even name brand instant. I get a little jar of El Puro at the local grocery for $1.48. It lasts me a week. Blame the Army, I developed my poor tastes there

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Black rifle coffee. Even have a club to nail you new every month. Roasted in small batches when ordered.


Nothing like an amazing Ethiopian bean, but it must be drunk black,
either in a lighter roast as filter/coldrip
or a medium roast as a Ristretto preferably, 20g double basket, on a slightly finer grind.
15-20ml of pure heaven.

I used to work in a cafe that had Slayer as coffee machine… I have never had a shot taste as good as from that machine.
La Mazoccos are a great machine too.

My guide for good coffee is look for a smaller roaster that does small batch roasting of ‘speciality’ grade coffee. buy in small quantities ie 250g and buy often, I use my post ride coffee with mates to buy and bring home new beans for the machine at home.

Im an aussie, (Melb to be exact) we are fanatical about coffee and have some of the best available. but we have a different take on “espresso coffee” to a lot of the world. from what I have found.

Europeans, tend to roast a darker roast, creating a slightly more bitter coffee with stronger caramels and chocolate flavours

Americans - with their love of filter coffee and over sizing everything. tend to mask the coffee but on the other hand have some of the most amazing coffees and wrote the guidelines on specialty coffee.

Australians - tend to head for a medium roast, that brings out the brighter and floral/ fruity notes in the bean. generally we drink them with milk from a piccolo late though to flat white. Mugs of coffee are less popular but still widely drink by the people who want caffeine over coffee.

oops that was a bit more of a post than I meant to write.
Think I like my coffee