Espresso DOES make you faster

Whiskey? Seriously, did I get lost on the interwebs? This is a cycling forum.

I am shocked, stunned, and awesomely disappointed that we don’t have an espresso thread yet. At the office, I’m ‘stuck’ with a Gaggia Accadamia (superautomatic) because its fast and easy.

Show us what you’ve got! !


Caffeine is such a performance enhancer it should be banned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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At work, where I spend most of my time, we extract espresso with a La Spaziale double grouphead machine… we change up the bean from time to time, although generally always have a Guatemalen, Sumatran, Ethiopian blend on from Union roasters in London, and a single origin special from Unorthodox Roasters in Kinross, Scotland. It’s dangerous having great coffee and a great espresso machine on hand… I probably drink about 800mg of caffeine a day.

At home, I usually opt for Aeropress, but also use a Stovetop/Moka Pot and sometimes Cafetiere…

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I really don’t think caffeine helps me, I drink lots of coffee (I work from home and have several nespresso servings in a day) and I can drink caffeinated drinks close to bedtime and fall right asleep. For me, I’ve never felt an energy boost from coffee, so it’s never been a thing I need to start the day from a waking up standpoint, it’s just the ritual of enjoying a hot cup in the morning that matters to me.


A local brand (Johan & Nyström, La Bomba) of freshly roasted beans and grind and brew a Cappu, beats almost any cafe :yum:

Caffein actually helped me perform a FTP ramp test yesterday, (even though is was a energy drink). Normally does 20min tests but was way to tired to even think about the mental agony of it, (got a 2y old, limited sleep) but was all prepped to do a test.

Felt to tired to do any training at all, but a energy drink got me awake enough to be able to push through a ramp test, and increased suggested FTP with 10w :grin:

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Whiskey is a real man’s drink. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a Rocket Cellini that I have on an wifi-plug, so it boots up in the morning and is at a steady temperature before I get up. I can also turn it on while I’m out on a ride so it’s ready for when I get back :slight_smile:


Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about !

I have the same machine. That is a brilliant idea with wifi plug. Shopping amazon today.

I use a DeLonghi EC702. Since I usually drink just espresso it is fine for that. It does take a bit of time to warm up the steam function for heating up milk. The beauty of espresso is it really does not take long to brew, or drink.

I only drink coffee when I wake up. I really try to avoid afternoon cups as it does increase my tolerance to caffeine. As it stands right now I’m usually good from my cups from 4:30 or so until about noon.


Same here, after a lot of trial and error, I can’t have caffeine after noon otherwise I’m too buzzy to sleep well.

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I like to have a bit of a play with coffee methods. Have been thought Aeropress and moka pot and am currently playing with pourover paper filter cones.

Bonus: my camping stove and filter coffee stuff fit easily into a saddlebag for taking out on gravel rides. Coffee is even better with scenery.

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8th grade teacher here. I keep a Nespresso machine in my classroom. Really nice to have during my plan period for that afternoon pick me up after the kids have worn me out.


I am sad that we have this thread but we don’t have emoji for :italian_hand_gesture: or :tiny_glass_of_water: to go along with :coffee:.

I have an aeropress and a basic DeLonghi espresso machine at home. At work we have a trio of Jura machines that have those milk chiller attachments especially for people who like to ruin a good coffee with cow juice.

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Just thinking about it makes me go faster! :joy:

I’m all about the AeroPress. Makes a nice cup, especially with freshly ground quality beans.


That Rocket is awesome…someday :thinking: For now I’m using a Breville Barista Express - really good for my early morning workouts - I feel like my pre-trainer double shot really helps wake me up for the effort.

OMG, I had to google that, although I like coffee I don’t like it THAT much!

Almost embarrassed to share that I quite like my dolce gusto espresso pods :grimacing:

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I’d love a proper Italian espresso device but I have neither the money nor the time to fit one in my life.

However a Nespresso machine makes a damned good espresso and they are super reliable and maintenance free. Ours has been making four to five cups a day for maybe eight years now. Pretty amazing investment, really!