What are your favorite POST-race tips?

Greetings TR Family!

Headed into Belgian Waffle in California this next Sunday. 132 miles of mixed terrain, 11K ft of climbing, temps in the 90s, and lots of other cyclists on the course to keep the “fun” even more “fun.”

I have plenty of “hay in the barn” fitness-wise and my overall race plan is ready to go… pacing, nutrition, and hydration are all dialed-in. We talk so much about pre-race planning and experimentation, but curious what folks’ favorite tips, traditions, activities, etc. are once the race is finished. I’m sure this depends on the type of event, and besides the obvious push for quality calories, cold fluids, and enjoying the festivities… what’s most satisfying, comforting, enjoyable, etc. within the first few hours after you finished a race?

Here’s what I’m planning so far:

  • Cold recovery drink
  • Plenty of cold water
  • Snacks packed
  • Cooler with towels in a water/ice mixture
  • Change of clothes

Typically a shower is high on this list, but won’t have access to one for at least a few hours after I finish.

And of course, all this assumes the obvious “comforting” sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a challenging event like this.

Thanks in advance for the input!!


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I haven’t raced in a long time, but usually hydration is usually on the top list since I’m a heavy sweater. Cooling off is another one. I sweat like crazy after a race.

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I grabbed some of these off Amazon. Great for the post race no shower situation!

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A whopping great pizza and a full bodied bottle of plummy, fruity red wine. Enjoy it - you’ve earned it.


An entire row of oreos.


An entire pizza and weed edibles…



Like an appetizer for the 2nd and 3rd rows?


Like any endurance race, oreo consumption needs a pacing strategy too.


I would very much like to brush my teeth after a long day of bike food.


@rock89646 - Best idea yet! Adding it to the list.

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Thanks for this suggestion - the cold wet towels in a cooler will serve a very similar purpose… there will be plenty of grime, and possibly blood to wipe off! Might be good to add some wipes to my post-race plan in general, in case I don’t have access to towels.

This is a pre-race tip that serves as a post-race enjoyment:

Having all work done ahead of time to carve out some serious leisure time to bask in the fatigue and accomplishment.

Then, staying ahead of bike work/prep, meal/bottle prep by getting everything put away and doing a cleaning of the garage, clothes closet, and kitchen, if there was travel and packing involved.

Lingering bike work, a sink full of dirty bottles, and a full laundry basket aren’t the most relaxing experiences for me.

Nothing better than having it all knocked out and actually having time to truly cut loose half a day after a big race.


Vomit and fall asleep on the massage table, if my races are anything to go by.


I usually go for a large ice tea, followed by more ice tea until I have to pull over 5 times on an hour drive to pee. I just really like ice tea.

And normally a burger, Double Western Cheeseburger is one of my favorites, though I have a tradition now of getting a Double Double with fries Animal Style after a big run with the GF.

But looking at my BWR a couple years ago, I ate a steak and baked potato after the finish. Don’t remember my reasoning. But that was the hardest bonk I have ever had (I pulled over and fell asleep on the sidewalk for 15 minutes an hour from the finish).

Besides the cold towels I also have a couple of damp face cloths in a zip lock bag that I place in the window of my car. This get steamy hot so that I can wipe myself down afterwards and get rid of all the grime. I then use the cold towels to cool my clean body down.


Ummmm…how have I not seen beer mentioned yet!!!


A little off from what you’re asking but prepare a written race debrief/notes soon after every race or any significant event you might do again. How’d it go and why, what worked, what didn’t etc. Aside from actual race tactics etc, note the post race stuff too! You think you’ll remember everything you learned but in you don’t write it done, you will forget most of it, or worse, remember it wrong!


Some really good input here… Condensing the feedback into a summary thusfar.

  • Cold fluids (recovery drink, coke, beer, etc.)
  • Tasty food (everyone’s preferences differ)
  • Wipes or wet towel (warm or cold) to get grime off arms/legs/face
  • Change of clothes, including footware (sandals or flip-lops?)
  • Brush teeth
  • NSAID/Tylenol
  • Tums
  • Massage
  • Write down notes (lessons learned, gear issues, etc.)
  • Get ahead on bike-related chores before the event

Thanks again and let me know if you have other ideas.

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This counts as a pre-race thing as well - but bring a chair.

Having a place to sit down while you are enjoying all of these other things is absolutely massive. Helps with changing, helps with relaxing…just a must-have for me for any race