Post-ride routine

Thought it would be interesting to hear peoples post ride routine…
Hit me!



Specifically Stout… Post workout nutrition in a bottle @chad


I generally ride first thing in the morning, sometimes totally fasted, sometimes after a slice or two of raisin toast.

Post-ride is always:

  1. Curse Chad. This is a vital part of the recovery routine.
  2. Water -> Coffee
  3. Maybe OJ if I want the quick calories.
  4. Breakfast or post-workout shake then breakfast a little bit later.

I like raisins in my post-workout meals for their alkaline properties. Just a few, don’t need a whole lot.

Breakfast is either overnight oats, granola with whole milk and fruit, or bacon and eggs with avocado, fruit, bagel. Post workout shake is OJ, banana, vanilla whey protein, dextrose, salt, ice. This is usually only if I either rode 2+ hours with intensity or if I’m not eating a meal in the next couple of hours (afternoon rides).

  1. Rego Rapid Recovery mixed with water right after
  2. Normatec for 60 minutes on max in the afternoon (on the weekend usually)
  3. 30 minute hot bath in the evening with Epsom salts
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Haha, of course a very vital first step…

Damn, that’s a pro recovery

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Add the following to blender:
1 cup of nut milk
2 tbsp of natural nut butter
2 bananas

If I’m working out at night and before bed, I’ll mix up 3 scoops of SIS Rego with 500ml of water.

Skratch Labs Recovery (chocolate or coffee) and a shower (at the same time, taking shower beer to a whole different level).

Then compression tights if it is the weekend or hop on the subway to work if it is a week day. (I want normatex boots. I’m just having a hard time with the cost).

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Do you know if there is any evidence that the normatex boots actually work?

self love


Protein shake
Pat myself on the back

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There is a lot of clinical research on the medical side, but it’s less clear on the performance end.

My own experience has been positive, especially for managing fatigue from harder days during a heavy training block.

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post ride, as in outside ride? Those are often in a group and that involves:

  • sync ride to Strava
  • quickly eat something
  • finish rest of water/Roctane in my water bottles, before the first pitcher arrives and its time to start shooting the breeze about the ride

for solo outdoor rides and ‘finish back at my house’ group rides, the same three but swap out stretching for the beer.

Ideally. Recovery drink, rehydrate, shower, small meal after an hour, relax or snooze.
Reality. Drink some milk, glass of water, shower, make breakfast for the kids, walk the dog, load the dishwasher. drive the kids to a race etc.


Have you looked into Air Relax? I’ve had mine for almost a year and don’t regret opting for them over the more expensive Normatecs.

Earlier this year my wife was so pissed she was doing yard work alone, that I went from riding a century to putting my bathing suit, jumping in the pool, and working 5 straight hours in the yard to restore peace and harmony in the house :joy:

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  • Protein Shake
  • Shower
  • Evening meal (usually train when i get home from work)
  • Relax for a bit
  • Bed
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Post trainer or outdoor?

Protein Shake, shower, job.

Protein shake on the drive home, empty car, clean bike, shower, get on with my day.

Recovery drink, stretch, shower.