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Probably a stupid question, which is why I’m putting it in here…

How can I properly quote people when I’m replying to them? When I click reply it’s not inserting their text, so I’m having to go back and select the text / add in a blockquote for the text to live against. I can’t see any “reply with quote” button, and everyone else is managing it, so I’m wondering if one of my addons is breaking something.

This is my referred process:

  1. Start a reply from the comment you are intending to reply and quote.
  2. Use the mouse or touch to highlight a specific portion of the text in the comment that you intend to quote.
  3. Select “Quote” from next to that highlighted text.
  4. That should place the selected text into the proper formatting and allow you to comment below it.
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For the visually inclined:

select the text and release the mouse/trackpad button, then a "Quote button will appear. Click on that and it will start a reply with the quoted text.


Thanks both. Kinda obvious, but also not particularly intuitive!


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Excited to be a part of this community!!

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Thanks for welcoming me on board!
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Minor bump just to recognize today (September 18, 2023) as the 5th birthday of the TrainerRoad forum. Small milestone to a place that has been a good place to spend time over these years. Thanks to @Nate_Pearson for making this all happen. :+1: