Discuss your unpopular cycling opinions

So you have an unpopular opinion that you voiced in the main thread What are your Unpopular Cycling Opinions but you want to keep discussing it? Do it here


Remember forum rules! Shamelessly stolen from here

This is a Place to Learn, Disagree and be Entertained

This is a place to talk about all things bike or triathlon related (including nutrition and weight training).
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There are just a few rules.

  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Challenge the idea, don’t attack the person
  3. Contribute Constructively
  4. Don’t break the law
  5. Keep it tidy

Be Excellent to Each Other

Speak to people like you would in person. It sounds simple but the forum can be so much more valuable if we just show each other a little kindness.


Challenge the Idea, not the Person

This builds on rule #1. The best arguments focus on the idea rather than the person who’s communicating the idea, whether it’s someone on the forum or a public figure. Let’s avoid making things personal and strive to live in the “counterargument” and above. And opinion is important! This is cycling, lots of stuff is subjective.

Contribute Constructively

Constructive debate creates a safe place for people to respectfully express their opinions and learn through the process of debate. It is an amazing thing when it works, so keep comments well-intentioned and act in good faith. If your comment only serves to create dissent or inhibit a conversation, please keep it to yourself!

Don’t Break the Law

Linking to copyrighted cycling videos is a no-no. Don’t link to those knock off frames and helmets that look cheap but could actually injure another cyclist.

Normal stuff like that, don’t be stupid.


In short, discuss but don’t be mean. Lets keep it fun but have a discussion!


I want to know more about this

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I’m dreaming of electronic shifting…mostly because I’m at my wits end with Campy

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All my cable setups are Shimano. They’ve always just worked.

Here was my issue with di2 (YMMV):

Here’s my issue with etap (again, YMMV):

Obviously, don’t be a dummy like me and forget to charge your batteries, or let your cats near your bike.

Also, maybe not so unpopular, but di2 > etap :slight_smile:

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Please elaborate. My roadbike that I’m selling has DA Di2 and I’ve recently built up a Gravel with AXS XPLR. I was thinking of going AXS on my next roadbike because I like how easy it is to swap in a charged battery. Di2 battery lasts a long time, yes but it happened twice to be completely dead for seemingly no reason where I would’ve liked to just swap in a charged battery. Undecided but leaning AXS. Why do you prefer Di2 > AXS?

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Maybe I should update my post to reference that I’ve only used 11s eTap and have not used AXS.

Anyway, never once had shifting issues with di2 and I liked the auto-rear shifting when changing front rings (I think AXS can do that too).

My etap FD has launches the chain off the big ring a lot. And it’s real finicky to set up… seems like it either throws the chain or doesn’t shift up at all.

I do like the feel of the Sram brakes though. And Sram has the brake bleeding process figured out. Really, Sram is just easier to install. Also, the huge shifter buttons are really nice. Pretty much impossible to mis-shift.

At the end of the day though, this is about shifting and I just like how smooth and effortless it was with di2.


Mostly agree with this, but running lightweight wheels just feels magical.

I’d argue that you get most the benefits of a lightweight bike just by reducing rotating mass.


To add, I think wheels are the most important aspect of a bike that should be considered way more in depth/detail than roadies talk about it.

Compare that with mountain bikers. They’re obsessed with wheels

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This has been the worst money I’ve ever spent for a bike. Cumbersome, boring,wobbly af and campagnolo stuff is some prehistoric crap. Good paint job,and that’s about it. I really don’t know what the fuss is all about when people come up with a Colnago bike. Basically my 4 years earlier Tarmac Sworks was a missile compared to this.
Sold it after a year, losing a shitload of money on it of course.


I have the lower end campy and my god shifting the FD is always an act of faith.

Also, they purposefully use random tolerances so literally nothing after market works with it. And you pay a premium for any crank based power meter.

Its cheaper for me to upgrade to a shimano grupo AND buy a power meter than to buy a campy powermeter lol

And people wonder why they’re irrelevant

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Yep,wheels were great, very stiff.