CompuTrainer, missing cable

Looking for information, a friend gave me a compu trainer pro 80001.its missing cable between controller and motor. Need to know if the cable for Velatron will work. Wondering if the pin configuration is the same

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I THINK it is standard 8 pin DIN cable used in various stereo/electronic applications.

Thanks. My only concern was the pin configuration. Don’t want to smoke the controller or motor. Want to be sure ground and positive wires line up

Friend of mine has the same trainer and sent me a picture of his cable. You’re right it’s a 8 pin din cable Male both ends. What was confusing to me was there seems to be 2 different 8 pin cables. The difference is the degree of the port. One has to be careful to make sure the ports match

Now that the cable is figured out. Has anyone downloaded the software to a memory stick. My laptop doesn’t have a cd slot. Nor do I have the software.

CT is wired and does not support Ant+ or BT. Also, the latest version of TR does not support CT, but a legacy version available on the TR site does.

If you are speaking of the original CT software it is at least 15 years old and may not run on a Win 10 machine. there is no Mac version.

Thanks, most of what you said is greek to me. I’m a old guy who spent 50ty years working in the woods as a logger. Butt I do understand that this machine is damn near as old as me. Was just wondering if somebody with the knowledge and nostalgia figure a way to modernize the system. Can remember at my friends house training and watching a training program simulating a tour ride. Just a old guy pining his youth.

I think you are looking for the RacerMate One software? We used to run this at the local shop with six Computrainers.

You’ll need a PC that has the right OS. Or someone clever can help you with an emulation. It would likely work to just get an antique PC and have at it.

PerfPro might also be of interest.

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Knew there was clever people out there. Looking forward to trying the options.

I understand. I’m 72 and used a CT from 2007 until 2019. I still have it in my attic. Now I use a Kickr, but if it ever gives up I’ll haul the CT out and hook it up.

It is a great piece of equipment. Reliable, indestructible and and accurate. I will always keep mine. The kids can deal with it when the time comes.


Like your attitude. Put my grandson on mine today. Didn’t take long for him to work up a sweat