TrainerRoad Forum - Maintenance 3/4/20 (Completed)

Forum maintenance is completed at this time. The forum is now accessible via Any saved links which used the old url ( will be automatically redirected to

You may need to login once due to this change.

If you experience any problems, please log out of the forum, close all browser windows and then log back in. If you continue to experience problems please reach out to our support team.

How can we continue to use the discourse app with the new url?

Edit: Nvm – worked on second try!

  1. Goto :
  2. Scroll down to view forum
  3. Click the Banner at top saying TRAINERROAD / Forum

Expected : To be brought back to the top of the forum
Observed : No change - scroll back up to get to the top

This change has caused me a problem…

Previously, the forum URL was, while the TR main site’s (and Calendar’s!) URL was

With the Forum being on a separate subdomain to the main site, this mean that in a desktop Chrome browser the Forum could have a different Zoom setting to the main site’s. I need to do this so that I can display Forum posts with nice large readable text, while using a lower Zoom level on the main site, particularly for the Calendar, in order to get a suitable level of information density.

This recent change which puts everything on the same subdomain has “broken” that option to use separate Zoom levels for Forum and Main-site/Calendar.

Now, if I Zoom the Forum so it’s nice and readable this also causes the scale of the Main site and the Calendar to change, such that they look huge with v poor density. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. What a PITA!


  1. Was this considered?

  2. Is there any solution, other than the unlikely one of reversion back to using a subdomain for the Forum?

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Sorry to hear that this change resulted in a negative experience for you. TrainerRoad is in the process of moving all of our web properties to live under

You mentioned that you are using Chrome on the desktop. One thing you can do is to setup a separate Chrome profile for either the forum or the main/calendar site. Depending on which site you setup the profile for, you’ll need to login once and then it will remember your login, and any settings (i.e. zoom). You can switch profiles from the Chrome menu, or even setup a desktop shortcut to specific profile.

I use Chrome profiles myself for logging into our site as various users for testing and it works quite well.

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Thanks for the reply, Salvo.

Perhaps I’m mistaken here, but my guess is that this impact on Zoom levels was overlooked as being an inevitable consequence to moving everything to the same domain. I think this was an oversight, because dependent on user settings this materially impacts usability not simply aesthetics.

On my Chromebook, for example, an appropriate Zoom level on the Forum lead to aspects elsewhere to become “unusable”, eg, the Personal Records displayed for a completed workout, due to the stacking of some elements vertically instead of horizontally. A workaround of reducing Zoom when looking at some parts of the site, then increasing it or others, then back again, etc. soon becomes very tedious if you’re someone like me who frequently jumps from the Forum to the main site.

Your suggested workaround doesn’t seem to be an option on Chromebooks, where Users are handled differently to Profiles in vanilla Chrome.

It appears Chrome used to have a flag, zoomSettingsScope, for setting Zoom on a per-tab basis vs. domain level, but it’s no longer accessible.

I’ve looked into Chrome Extensions that could help. I’ve had the best success so far with Zoom for Google Chrome, which allows Zoom levels to be specified at web page level instead of just at domain level:

Not sure if there are any downsides to this extension, but it seems like it might be a workaround for now.