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Thank you so much for this amazingly helpful thread


Hello! Thank you for this thread!


Hi to all!
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Personally love the forum and TR. Also was pleasantly surprised to chance upon this functionality.

If there is a certain thread you want to stop popping up to the top of your latest threads, they have a mute option. So for example if you really don’t want to keep hearing about all the people arguing about Ironman Training in 2020, you could mute it here:

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Interesting bio.

very nice and well done. I think this will be so helpful and informational to have, thank you.

Many thanks for approving my account. Hope to connect good people around.

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Hello everyone, i’m glad to join your forum. I like it.


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Hello everyone. My name is Bob and I love books

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you misspelt “bikes” :crazy_face:

Okay, go easy on me.
Stupid question number 1 I did a ramp test, I see the summary and graph but I am not seeing a FTP number like I used to see with SF full frontal test. What am I overlooking?

Stupid question number 2… percolating

If you accepted the FTP value from the Ramp test. It is bow assigned to your acoiunt settings.

The actual number is not recorded in your Ramp test directly. But if you loom as the power curve record on your Ramp test, then set the slider to find your best 1-mi use power.

Take that power value times 0.75 and it should be your FTP.

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thanks very much. Ended up a bit higher than I thought which is cool considering I wasn’t really throwing up after I finished. Will have to push myself a bit more on the next one.