Workout Description Questions

I have a newbie question… when reading the workout description, under the “Main Set” It is listed as such:

  • 40 min in btwn 132-154 watts
    -2x20 seconds at____, followed by 5 minutes, 40 seconds at______.

the “followed by 5 min” does that mean rest? What would my watts need to be at? Do I pick?

Which workout are you doing in that example?

it was worded that way in the Pettit +1 workout and in a handful of other workouts that I did not write down. I decided instead of skipping the workouts because I didnt understand them that I better ask or Ill never workout! LOL

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Work outs are generally consist of a warm up, a main set of intervals, then a cool down.

Looking at Pettit +1 you have

  • a 5 min warm up
  • a main set which consists of first 40mins at X-Y, then a 20sec sprint, then 5min40s at X, then 20sec sprint again, then another 5 min 40s at X (a main set of 52mins in total)
  • then a 3mins cooldown

5+52+3 = 60min workout

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Thank you! So that 5 min in the main set can be at any power then? OR should it be within the high range of watts that my warmup was at?

Warm ups are usually a set power, in this case the instructions say the warm up is between 50% FTP watts and 60% FTP watts.

Thank you so much! I feel so silly asking, Im just new to reading these :slight_smile: I appreciate your time!

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