Adaptive Training and completing a workout earlier

My schedule cannot be static. Often i need to move things around. Also I find that having a Low Volume plan and sometimes doing more is much better psychologically than going with a Mid Volume and missing some.
My TR calendar shows my next workout (Shasta) is Wed.
What happens if I decide to do it earlier, let’s say Monday instead? even though I’ve set Monday in the plan setup as having no workout .

For it to be considered as “part of the plan”, do I need to first move it earlier in the calendar. Will it be “part of the plan” if done on a Monday?

You need to reschedule by dragging it on the calendar on the website or changing the date in the app

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Leave it as late as possible, if you move it from the wednesday to the monday, on the friday, and do workouts on the saturday and sunday, you may not get the adaptions, if you do the saturday and sunday workouts and then move the workouts from the wednesday to the monday, on monday … you will

(hope that made sense)

Do any workout on any day. If it is higher score than your current progression level AI will adapt the ‘plan’. It won’t downgrade if you do a recovery for example but if you miss a ‘planned’ workout it will adapt.


Someone mentioned this in another thread recently and i feel like there needs to be some clarification to help understand that you’re not shooting for adaptations. Do the training as suggested. It will still make you fitter. Having the plan suggest adaptations isn’t a goal, it’s a byproduct of your ongoing RPE input workout to workout.

Moving a workout around inside the same week won’t have any impact on “get or do not get the adaptations”. Providing AT with Hard/Moderate/Easy as you complete the workouts in the plan will.


No one is suggesting we are, worrying about progression levels is just the gamification of training

He has to change day, point of the post, but do keep in mind, that if he moves it prior to doing workouts it will be out of plan, so will get one suggesting, if he moves the workout on the day he plans,

Doesn’t I break it from adaptions any more, and make it a adhock workout ? adhock workouts don’t get adaptions applied to them?

Not in my experience. I move workouts all the time and these remain productive/achievable/stretch in my career. I don’t think AT training cares if my “plan” said Sweetspot Wednesday with Endurance Tuesday and i choose to swap the days. If it does, we need to question why.

Case in point, if i do a stretch TrainNow workout, will it impact my progression levels? Yes. And thus i would have AT making adaptations to my upcoming planned workouts as a result of my new level. Ad hoc is not excluded.


I think you might find it depends when you do it

Sorry out of here, was only trying to help the guy

Just move it, nothing happens. I do similar from time to time and the plan adapts fine. Thats the essence of Adaptive Training.


No, AT is pretty flexible (that’s the point after all). I move workouts regularly since my work schedule is weather dependent so I might do a Tuesday’s workout on Monday if that fits in better but I’ll only change it on Monday not a week ahead. I still get adaptations from that workout.

This last weekend I even moved a workout after the fact and I got adaptations: I’d nothing scheduled for Friday but my wife and I went away for a few days and we went for a ride on the Friday. I’ve just updated my calendar and moved the workout that was scheduled for Saturday back to Friday, associated with the outdoor ride and got adaptations. (We didn’t ride on the Saturday because while we were out riding on Friday someone drove into the back of our van so spent the time dealing with insurance and working out how to get home).

TL:DR - just make the changes as you see fit.


I shift days all the time on LV plans without any problems. You don’t even need to move the WO to another day. Just click on the WO and select open. AT does it thing and shuffles the WO’s around.


Edit: Not so simples. Disregard this advice. TR advice is to drag and drop.


My OCD won’t let me :rofl: :rofl:

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I hear you. I was the same until I realised TR had really cleaned up the calendar functionality.
It’s hard to let go once you get used to the old drag and drop.

AT really threw me off the other day after an old back injury flared up and stuffed up my schedule. After I filled in the injury annotations for multiple days it dailed back all future WO’s except the next one on the plan.
I eventually rolled with it and ended up marking it as moderate. Was it a bug, or did Skynet have faith in me?

Edit: TR advice is to drag and drop.

My weekend rides were interesting as I didn’t even have a HRM with me on the fat bike (I thought I’d packed it but couldn’t find it) so just dragged the Saturday workout to Friday, associated it with the ride that had been imported from Strava, gave it an RPE estimation and I got the adaptations. With them being unplanned outdoor rides moving the workout to the same day meant associating the two was easier - I’ve not had to associate a ride with a workout on a different day so don’t know what happens in that case.

That’s a good point on associating outdoor rides.
I’ve pretty much resigned myself to LV plans so I can leave my outdoor riding seperate. The current workaround with guesstimated associations seems to throw things out too much if you get it wrong.
:crossed_fingers:We get proper credits for unstructured outdoor rides soon.

I’ve just tried this and got a rather weird outcome.

I’d actually got a VO2max workout scheduled for tomorrow but due to having not done anything Sat and Sun I decided to do it today. Didn’t move it in the Calendar or App, just selected it. Completed the workout and AT offered adaptations the first of which was for the original workout tomorrow! Much as I “enjoyed” doing 5min @ 110% I don’t fancy doing very similar tomorrow thank you very much.

I think I’ll stick to moving the workout prior to starting it then there’s no odd surprises in store.


Interesting. Which app are you using?

Same thing for me today actually, just chose tomorrow’s workout from the career page which opens by default. marked it as moderate instead of hard and it adapted the same workout for tomorrow & next week which resulted in a new workout tomorrow similar to what i did today. Interesting because the workout that would have been on the calendar tomorrow (that i did today) was gone, just a blank day before the adaption. This was on windows.

So yeah, i guess we should drag forward, let it sync and then do the workout so AT knows what we are trying to do.

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The latest iOS app on iPad. It updated just prior to the workout.

No big deal, like I say I’ll just reschedule on the day.

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easy work around, but I did just submit feedback to support so they are aware.

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