Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

I can’t easily analyze the data with that level of granularity. I’d say it was a combination of both fat and protein.

I had originally set my weight loss at 1.5 pounds per week and it was too aggressive so I also changed it to 1 pound per week. That gave me one bowl of oatmeal per day. I’m probably snacking less on things like full fat greek yogurt. I generally avoid mayo and butter and any other pure fat. And I’m still getting around 100 grams of protein per day so I’m not sacrificing protein intake.

I looked at my data. Before the change, I was averaging 200-300 grams of carb and now I’m in the 300-400 range. I push it to the higher end of the range on days with hard workouts.

The interesting thing is that even while dieting, my training has been great. I haven’t had sore legs at all. My energy is great. I feel like I can to back to back harder workouts without having to pad them with 2-3 easy days.

The interesting thing is that slow carbs seem to be working better for me than sugar (steel cut oats / brown rice). I’ve tried fueling every ride in the past with some sugar but I never had this level of energy especially while dieting. (I feel like the dumb noob that just discovered carbs.) :slight_smile:

I started tracking a month ago and have lost 6 pounds now and I look thinner. I’m kind of surprised by the 6 pounds. For a while I seemed to gain weight carbing up.


Figured I’d throw in my recent experiences with losing some weight. I started structured training and set a weight loss goal in the beginning of October, weight 189 pounds (86 kg) and my a ramp test showed 233W. (I rode my bike a bit before this, just no structure). Since then I’ve been aiming at lots of zone 2 volume (for me at least, 10-15 hours per week), tracking what I eat to average about a 500 calorie deficit, and limiting intensity to 2 days per week. I’m down to 177 pounds and my FTP is now 253 (AI detected)!

That’s with a few weeks off for covid which helped the weight loss and hurt the fitness obviously.

The plan is to continue on this path until I hit 165 pounds (75 kg) in a few months and then start eating at maintenance and working on ramping up the intensity to build fitness. My stretch goal is getting to 4.0 W/kg (that’d be an FTP of 300 at 165 pounds) by the end of April, but I know that’s a stretch.

I really like the app MacroFactor for tracking food and calorie burn. If you track what you eat and weigh yourself daily it’ll calculate your daily calorie burn. It lags a bit, but it factors in all the cycling I’ve been doing. Right now my daily expenditure is 3350 calories so I can eat 2850 and have a solid deficit.

Besides that I try for 150+ grams of protein a day and eat a bunch of carbs before and during rides.


After last week’s big weight fluctuation, I tightened up my intake a little and kept it very “reasonable” while still allowing myself to have some beer, ice cream, cookies, burgers. I also did a couple of 2+ hour rides and nice long 4+ hour endurance ride yesterday to blow out the bloat.
This morning I weighed in back near my lows at 151.8…that is 8 lbs. less than last week. I don’t mind bouncing around to up to 154.5 or so but that 159 was just a sign that I over did it to me. So, while we are in full holiday swing, I’ll continue to enjoy all there is without going overboard, but if I do - I’ll just go a overboard within reason, I guess.

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So, partially due to fairly strict adherence to intermittent fasting and partially due to a stomach bug (the past couple days… I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR WEIGHT LOSS), I’ve finally gone under 200 pounds!

Next stop is 190!


Sometimes you just gotta take the win. :slight_smile:

I’ll be back to posting here starting Jan 1, 2024. I’m not tracking at the moment while I visit family for the past week and I’ve been eating a lot of food that I don’t normally. I’m sure I’ll be shocked when I weigh in again, but I’m giving myself the month of January to reverse in a month what I gained in a month.

Keep it up @CincoBoy


I haven’t dropped into this thread for a while. I am following the podcast advice to work on my diet and body composition and not focus on ftp at the same time.

My wife and I also signed up for Noom. I was skeptical, but I can see the behavioral based approach is different than other “count calories and stay below this number” or “don’t eat this and that” attempts I’ve made in the past. It looks at why you do what you do and eat what you eat, then gives you tips to break the behavior chain. Seems cheesy but so far so good. I’m down 9 lbs and my FTP hasn’t suffered. My goal is to hit my wrestling weight by Barry Roubaix.


New year, same old me! I spent 2 weeks visiting family away from home and I also had care of my son for a few days which was a new experience for me while away. During this time, I finished up December’s training block and had a rest week. Since I was away, and it was the holidays I decided not to track or weigh myself for the last week of the year. I also allowed myself to just eat and drink knowing that I’d be back home and able to get back to my routine without any distractions.

I had more soup, beans, rice, avocado, and cheese in two weeks than I probably had all year, and I also had more beers in that period than in the last previous six months. It was all delicious, but I could see and feel the bloat increasing on the daily. December 31’s had a few beers, a burger on my drive home, then celebrated with NYE with my son and his mama with champagne, steak and salmon and mochi ice cream. It was delicious.

Jan 1, weigh-in at 164.4 - holy smokes that’s a lot. Jan 2 - 160.3, today 158.7…so I’m back on trend and about 6-8 pounds away from my previous baseline. I’ve set a goal of getting back baseline weight during this month. I won’t be drinking any beer and I’ll employ a modest 250 kcal deficit per day at minimum and just get back into my groove. I’m in Base 2 so I’ve got some intensity on the books, and I’ll be fueling those before and during my sessions. I’ll also re-incorporate my two strength training sessions per week. Looking to ride about 15 hours per week for the build so I’ll be walking a pretty fine line - just need to be sure I don’t overdo anything and adjust if needed.


Just a bit annoying how much of a difference “Dry January” is making.

187.3lbs (85kg) this morning, I’m now back to the weight I was before the accident that derailed me for a bit last year.

Trying to work up the nerve to do a hard effort on AdZ this morning, will see what happens.

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Since my Jan 1 weigh in high, this is where I’m at two weeks out - 158.6 last Monday and 157.7 this morning.
I had a low day of 156.8 late last week so I’m getting there - it usually takes me 2,3 or even 4 weeks of consistent tracking to get a noticeable change in trend so I’m almost there.

Last week was a solid 13ish hours of riding and the week before was a little over 11. I had that familiar hunger last night right before bed so my deficit is starting to catch up. So I’m on track to get back to my previous baseline and it may end up taking a little longer than expected. Priority will be to stay fueled for my workouts and recovery while gradually chipping away at the holiday gains.

Also, I signed up for Alex Larson’s webinar around fueling for performance while working on body comp goals. I’ve been on the macro bandwagon for years and I actually have a nutrition degree from 2000 - so I’m educated but figured this is like CEC’s for my personal use.


Well, 2 months on, save a break for Christmas where I managed to stave off any significant weight increase with the festive 500, 2000cals haven’t been a success in the weight loss department.

In fact, my weight has never been more stable :joy:

Back down to 1800 net for the last week, which has been far more manageable while prioritising higher protein and less calorie dense snacks.

No weight movement yet, but the body fat metric on my scales seems to be moving very slightly in the right direction.

Starting to think I should employ the services of a nutritionist so I’m not flying quite so blind along with the accountability of having someone looking at what I’m doing. Anyone else have any experiences with nutritionists they can share?

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@mikehhhhhhh - sorry to hear you are not getting the results you want. I don’t have any experience with a nutritonist or dietician, but I signed up for this class - it’s next week and at $25 it’s not a huge investment but it could be very valuable. Just thought it might be of interest so here it is: JOIN LIVE! Lean & Strong: Managing Body Composition as an Endurance Athlete Masterclass (podia.com)

This is offered by Alex Larsen who is often on TR’s Podcast.

This looks interesting. I think I’ll check this out. $25 is much easier to take. I have wondered what the 1:1 cost is.

Interesting, thank you for the recommendation.

I’ve been a bit sceptical about typical information about weight management for endurance athletes because I think with 15-20kg to lose, I don’t think I’m the target audience.

But I suppose if my preconceptions were good, I would have already lost that weight :joy: I’ll give it a go

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Last week started pretty darned aweful. While I ended Sunday with a pretty epic ride and lot’s of rest, it may have caught up to me 24 hours later…not sure what it was, but I had developed pretty bad food poisoning some after breakfast and during my morning snack because by about noon, I was feeling bad enough to crawl into bed, and over the next few hours I threw up, then had really bad chills etc. Waking up Tuesday I was about 80% and functioning - Weds about 90% and just a little better everyday.
While I was in a calories deficit, I felt good enough to train a little and by Thursday I was getting caught up with my intensity sessions. I felt pretty good on Sunday and banged out 3 hours on the trainer while getting in about 1:20 of SS work - I ate about 75 grams per hour but was out of juice.
During the week my weight was kind up - and finally this morning I’m back at low for the year at 153.6 down from my 164+ Jan 1st weigh in.
Weekly, I have an average of about 3,500 kcals in deficit with planned training and a couple of strength sessions per week.
I have a recovery week up - and because I have a C event this weekend, I’ll be eating right around maintenance calories until Thursday, where I’ll start to carbo load for Saturday event. I plan on adding an extra 100-125 kcals per day of complex carbs - I may pull back my protein as well so that my overall kcals don’t shoot up that much.

Finally hit sub 160 in what seems like a year. Been about a 500 caloric deficit most days, but I’m starting to feel it on my workouts and need to get better at moving my meals around for a proper pre workout food. The last 10 days or so, my legs just feel dead and spinning at z2 has been more of a struggle than it should. Been blaming it on my Elite Direto, but def my fueling. So I need to get better at that.


It might be beneficial to take a day or two a week and just eat at maintenance - you can try it one day one week, then maybe two the next week - but keep your other days the same. I’ve found as I’ve gotten lighter and leaner, I’ve been able to add calories back for a day or two a week and I feel better, and perform better and my weight loss tends to keep on trend until I reach my goal.
While 500 cals isn’t a whole lot - over the course of weeks and months it takes a toll.


What a week last week was - I had my first event of the year this past Saturday. In preparation I did a proper carbo load starting the Weds, then Thurs and Friday. Long story short my carbs were 500, 600, and then a whopping 750 before the event. Glycogen was fully stocked for my event.

While I was defnitely fueled up for the event and rode well - I came into the event at 158.0 coming in from 153.6 on Monday. This was expected and not a source of concern at all. After resting yesterday and eating at maintenance I weighed in at 156.3 today.

Plan going forward this week is to get back to my routine of eating a baseline of 2300/2350 calories per day plus my ride activity minus 500 or so. I will continue to fuel around my workouts and periodize my nutrition a bit. I’ve got a VO2 Block starting this week for the next three weeks and the goals is to chip away at that 5-ish pounds while fueling and adapting.

Good luck all on your progress.


I am actually quite in ok shape. 46y old, 93kg at 1,88m, rather muscular, but not six packy…
I do not eat carbs too much, skip unhealthy fats, focus on protein, eat loads of vegetemables, eat almost no fast food, do not drink at all and am overall quite happy with my weight, shape and all.

I follow my intake on MyFitnessPal, do not come beyond 2200cal too often, mostly below 2000cal per day.

I burn about 150-200k Cal per year doing cycling and rowing, and am just wondering that I do not look so much more different than other mid 40ies guys who definately do not do such intense sport 5x a week, who drink, eat crap and dont care… How come?

Are you sure you are tracking macros correctly? For your height and weight it seems awfully low - I’m shorter and lighter and my baseline is 2300 kcal, plus whatever I decide to eat to replace/fuel my workouts.

While it might be great for your health, how “clean and healthy” you eat doesn’t equate to your appearance, size, body fat, fitness overall. From the sounds of it, you can probably stand to eat more food if your food calculations are correct. What’s your typical protein intake and carbs/fats?

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