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Added to the “Energy Availability Calculator” sheet, zero the minutes box and enter in the calories in the “Non-power meter. Calories from exercise (from device)” cell


In the BMR sheet you can entered the calories from your device based on HR in cell B19 (value ‘0’ in th screen shot, or if using power use the little mini calculators and manually transfer the result into cell B19 from Cell F25, value 681 in the screen shot (they were linked but someone has over typed them so I just leave as is.) It is not hassle to just type into cell B19.


I’ve started to begin the day with a bowl of oatmeal and berries or a banana. It’s only about 250 calories, fits in my calorie budget, and has made an enormous difference in energy levels when training.

edit: I mean an extra bowl of oatmeal on top of meals.


Awesome thanks!

I start my day similar but it’s my breakfast as well. Cup of oats with a flavored greek yogurt, berries and almond milk. Definitely helps me feel fueled.

Am I the only one that doesn’t find protein that satiating? Everything you read talks about upping protein when in a deficit but I just don’t find it that filling. Fat and carbs I certainly do.


I find fat almost on its own filling. With carb it just makes me more hungry unless it is billions of calories.

Protein is filling to me, but some times not satisfying. I’ll feel stuffed but crave something else :confused: :tired_face:

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Has anyone else with a lot of weight to lose found themselves plateau in weight loss? How did you get over it?

I started off at 105kg and over a year or so got down to 85kg, but plateaued, so decided to start tracking calories more closely recently.

So FFM of around 61kg according to Garmin Index S2, which leaves me just under 28% body fat.

I’ve been targeting 1800cal (30cal per kg ffm) net calories and have hit that consistently for three weeks - albeit on a weekly average rather than daily.

I don’t pay too much attention to macros, although carbs are naturally high from fuelling rides. It’s consistently been 49% carb / 34% fat / 17% protein

In that time, my weight has continued to fluctuate around the 85kg mark, with a 0.4kg between the highest and the lowest weights.

Most meals I eat are from a delivery meal kit (Gousto), so very well accounted for calorie wise. I weigh everything, scan every barcode and I always take the most pessimistic option when there’s any ambiguity/no clear item to choose.

Workout cals are calculated from an accurate power meter.

I spend a lot of time hungry which can make it mentally quite taxing and generally save the treats for around the more demanding rides/workouts.

I’m unsure what to do next, do I persist lower than the discussed 30cal/kg, accept that its going to be very slow going from here out, or perhaps enlist the help of a coach or nutritionist?

This is a big red flag to me. I’d try increasing your calories a bit and see what happens.

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Personally I think you atr already too low at 1800 kcals. If I were in your shoes I’d increase that base level of calories and start tracking macros. A couple of things that I hear constantly is that it’s generally not a good to go below 10x’s body weight in calories and that getting 1.0 gram protein per lb of weight and even goal weight per day is an important factor in weight loss success.

As far as your weight loss stalling it could be for many reasons but you’ve done an Excellent job so far! It’s okay to take a break from being in a deficit to allyyiur body to settle in to a new level before going for that last bit of weight loss.

The fact that you mentioned your hunger being persistent is a clear sign to me that you might be in a good place to get gi maintenance calories for a while. If you push too far you could experience a severe rebound. Weight loss is a long game and slower gradual weight loss is way more sustainable.

I do think that the more you lose the slower going it gets. A pro could be helpful at this point.

I lost a lot of weight a long time ago and have kept it off. During the weight loss, I went for periods of time where I lost no weight but still lost inches and my clothes felt bigger.

Otherwise, I have zero advice. After losing around 50 pounds, the last 20 I’d like to lose has been elusive.

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Thanks all.

As for having a break, I did that for September while sick and October while having a month off to cycle.

During that time I ate when hungry, gained 2kg in fairly short order and levelled off around 1kg up. But then I also doubled the time I was spending on the bike.

Some good thoughts though, thanks! I’ll try topping up to 2000 with more protein for a while and see how it goes.


1.5kg remaining until at target, 0.9kg down in the last week.

If I keeping doung what I have been during the last two weeks I should make it before Christmas (and then I probably put a bit back on, we’ll see)

I gained 2 pounds over Thanksgiving. Time to buckle down so I can lose that plus maybe another pound before Christmas.


First post on this thread. I’m only 2 years into cycling and came from a fitness/bodybuilding background. I’ve gotten extremely lean before in a bodybuilding-sense (preserving all muscle, “shredded”), but it was pretty tough (restriction) and had to count every calorie.

This fall, I’ve tried not tracking and ending up gaining a few lbs, so I’m back to tracking. Just picked up “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald too.

I’m 6’1", 202lbs right now - not trying to do anything crazy, but hoping to be 190 by March/April which is way less than 1lb/week. I’d love to be <185, but not sure if that’s sustainable due to my build (I have pretty large thighs and broad shoulders).


I just added myself to the spreadsheet. Mid-2022, I was around 196lbs (89kg), and got down to 184 mid-summer 2023 by tracking calories in a relatively small deficit. But now, I find myself drifting back up to 189. I’m 46, about 24% bf. Would like to be <180 lbs, ideally by next spring; but without sacrificing the performance gains I made last season. (235w ftp from 208w… now at 224w per AIFTPD.) As others have suggested above, I think I will focus on macros and make sure I’m hitting a protein target of 1g/lb kg and see if that can kickstart my motivation and progress.


I’ve had a new dieting revelation - MORE CARBS.

I started tracking and counting calories a few weeks ago. Training went to hell, legs were sore, and my mood was horrible and low testosterone. I wasn’t trying to do low carb at all.

But, I’ve been making an attempt to get more carbs in. Start the day with a banana and a cup+ of oatmeal (250-300 calories) before I get on the trainer. I’ll have another bowl of oatmeal later in the day or sometimes before bed if I still have calories left for the day. Cheerios work too! Cups of brown rice have been on order.

I’m making it fit in my overall calorie budget and I’m up to more like 350-400+ grams of carb per day.

My recovery from training has been 10X better. Legs aren’t sore. Mood and energy are way better. Without going into graphic detail, I definitely have more testosterone on board and I’ve been sleeping better.

After starting this, I gained 2-3 pounds of glycogen water weight but I still look thinner.


I think it’s fascinating how different things work for different people. I could solely eat carbs and be the happiest person alive. When trying to lose some weight I only look at carbs because they are the most nutrient dense for your calories. I’ve always found carbs filling more so than protein but now that I think of it it may be because when I eat carbs I want to eat more carbs. And I mean good sources of carbs too

I think you meant to say 1 gram/pound or 2.2 grams/kg of protein to bodyweight. That’s the generally accepted range of protein for athletes these days.

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Where did the shift in calories come from in your macro before and after? Did you pull from fats or protein to up your carbs?

After a long stretch of having my weight stay consistent I’ve gained an astonishing 5-7 pounds on the scale…
I mostly attribute this to having some alchohol again as I’ve had a couple of nights where I’ve imbibed and that leads to more eating. I’m not freaking out but it’s amazing how my body just bloated up after a couple of weeks. I also travelled quite a bit last week and it was a rest week, so I rode about half as much as normal at six hours.
In response I meal prepped yesterday for a three days (Mon-Weds) and will be keeping my macros at a maintenance level and see where I end up at the end of the week. One of the things that I wanted to avoid was weight regain after losing quite a bit a couple of months ago, but the holidays are here and all that goes with it. I’ll be happy to get back to my new normal and hover in that area while still being able to let lose a little here and there…within reason of course.
Current weight this morning is 159.7 from 154.0 a week ago.

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I have begun meal prepping and this is the first week for me. I am following a plan I had used in the past from FasCat where I dropped 5-6 pounds in a month but didn’t lose any power or strength. Hoping to do this for three months.

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