Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion


on workout days I hit around 2100-2400cal. I usually do not do high intense workouts too often, mostly Z2 for 60-90min. No need to fuel too much for those.
I am a Type 1 Diabetic, so I follow my carb intake precisely, even weighing foods sometimes.
A usual workout day brings me 200-250carbs, 60-80fat and 100-130 Protein.

been struggling for consistent weight loss for the last year and had some really unexpected success while off the bike for three weeks with a cold and lingering chest infection. A solid 0.5kg a week on average.

Just sticking to the same target calories (1800 which is 500 deficit) as I always do. Which suggests to me that I’m over-eating to make up calories burnt on the bike.

Take today;
Rode for 2hrs, burnt 1062 active calories according to Garmin (1242 total)

I’ve eaten an oat bar before riding, 30g/hr carb mix while out, recovery shake afterwards (usually save this for hard workouts tbf)

That leaves me with 1280 cals for the rest of the day. Dinner might be 600, might add yogurt and fruit after at 150.

Previously I’d have tried to use up that 530 left, maybe throw in a treat like a cake or chocolate bar. Because in theory without it, I’m in a 1000 calorie deficit and I was worried I wouldn’t improve with such a deficit.

What are other people’s strategies when it comes to this?

I generally focus on my macro targets and ignore what I burn on the bike and eat on the bike. So I will try to always stay on my target day to day but make sure I fully fuel the ride at 60g carb / hr. Seems to work well in ensuring I can do my best on the bike but still on track to my weight target.

Thanks, that sounds very logical indeed.

Is that 60g/hr even at lower intensities?

If it is a longer outdoor ride, then yes – for turbo sessions I would not fuel an hr workout and probably take on 60g in a 1.5 hr session. Throwing in a banana before the ride (counted in daily target)

Clearly this is my approach and working for me!

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I’ve been making some progress, and I think I can attribute it to the focus on protein goals. Historically, I was probably only taking in ~0.9 or 1 g/kg every day, instead of 1.2 or more (as recommended in one of the recent TR podcasts focused on weight loss.)

I’ve been using MacroFactor for a few months now and find it… interesting? I’m still not convinced that it is the perfect answer for endurance-focused athletes with widely varying calorie expenditure. Its expenditure estimate is inherently a lagging indicator, and not very useful to me if I have a long ride or race planned, as it includes (I think) an average of all my preceding workouts rolled together. OTOH, it got me focused on protein, which was in itself a success.

EDIT: tweaked horrible run-on sentence.

I’ve been making gradual progress. At one point over the winter I clocked in at 162-163. Earlier this week I weighed in at 155.1 and nearly cried. Lots of z2 and two hard days along with smaller portions have seemed to help. Basic chicken, veggies, a bit of rice at night has been my go to.


Hey all I hope this is okay to hop in.

Recently decided to pay attention to my weight again after a year plus of not caring and understanding what I needed to at least fuel my day/rides.

I watched the TR video on weight loss.
Decided to follow the logic. I used the excel sheet to figure my calorie intake.
2200 calories

Carbs 65%
Fat 15%
Protein 20%

I decided to cut fat not calories at first just to see how that would affect me.

I cut a good portion of my fat out.
Stopped eating store bought waffles and switched to bread and jelly.
Switched to non/low fat Greek yogurt and cut peanut butter.

According to my Garmin scale my body fat hasn’t moved at all. It’s been 4ish weeks.
I dont really drink alcohol anymore maybe 1 or 2 beers a week maybe 2.

Im 35 5’9 155 pounds.
Body fat is 19%
I ride 7 days a week/14-17 hours. Follow a plan m-f and sometimes on the weekends if I don’t do a longer ride.

Really at a loss of what to do next.
I’ve been feeling good I feel less bloated after cutting the waffles out. No issues with fueling my rides.

The only thing I do which maybe is too much calories is I do have a carb mix on my Tuesday Thursday rides which are 90 mins then 20 min commute. Usually burn 1200 calories.

Any thoughts or advice on cutting down my body fat?

Assuming jelly is what we call jam over here, that’s packed full of sugar.

What are you eating AND drinking in a typical day, include everything, meals, snacks, bike fuel, cans of coke etc etc

I would focus on tracking calories and ensuring a proper deficit rather the just fat. Use a tracking app. You will be shocked how many hidden calories there are in what you eat and your body compensates for what you burn in the bike so don’t think you can overshoot because of that. At a high level what I have done to got from 80 kg odd to 69.

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Hey thanks for the reply.

Pre ride 4 slices of bread with Jam.
Oat milk flat white
If it’s a hard training day. 1 scoop sports mix with 30g Malto.
2 hour ride
Post ride is granola mix with yogurt.
Oat milk flat white
Whey protein mixed with a green smoothie drink(store bought)

Lunch is chicken(100g) 3/4 cup white rice dressing 30-50g.

Afternoon snack is another jelly/jam sandwich 2 slices

  • 30 min bike commute *

Dinner is smoothie with banana spinach mix veggies and mixed berries.

2nd dinner is usually another rice based meal or something. This is hard to control as I have a odd living situation so I eat what’s prepared :sweat_smile:

As far as other drinks I don’t drink soda. It’s coffee, water, and kombucha(for the probiotics)

You’re right about the sugar but I figured I’m burning most of that? I’m time crunched as is. I did oatmeal for years but idk just never felt like it was that great. I was eating too much fiber and was bloated a lot.

Hey thanks for the reply I did that for years as well. I have my fitness pal.

I switched to the low fat thought process cause I tried to cut calories and never really saw success in it but I am more disciplined now than previous years especially with alcohol.

Out of interest what is your weight doing with these changes? I’d guess you need to research more into fat burning Z2 stuff maybe? I’m no coach or nutritionist though :wink:

I also agree tracking calories in and out would help for a week or so.

I’d be more concerned about the calories you are eating/drinking versus the percentage of fat you are eating. If you are consuming more calories than you are burning off then the body will store it as fat.