Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Long time listener, first time caller, posting here for posterity’s accountability Father Ron down the line.

I just spent my first week back in the 60s, for the first time in 20+ years. 68-69kg, down from operating in the 70s for a few years and 80s for most with one or two in the 90s. 6 months ago it was 82kg, with a few ups and downs in exercise, illness and diet since. Intermittent fasting has been helpful in solidifying the calorie deficits and keeping the diet in sharp focus.

At 176cm tall, with a current BMI of 22, this is not exactly super lean anyway. I could handle going as low as 65kg, so it still feels like there’s a bit more work to be done, but wouldn’t want to go much lower than that.

I originally planned to lash out with one burger meal deal to celebrate getting back into the 60s, but what’s the point? Don’t I owe myself some respect for the work, dedication and other setbacks enough not to trivialise it with some pyrrhic nonsense? The best victory celebration is just living it, rather than rebelling against it.

Plus I have a hernia surgery tomorrow. I’m stupid, but I’m not stupid enough to celebrate anything before surgery.


Son’s birthday party at the weekend. Held off the booze, for dry September, but indulged a bit otherwise.
Weekly, i’m about neutral: - 0.1kg.
Soldiering on, it’s a marathon, not a sprint… Line is still in sight, but not getting nearer, that’s all :smiley:


congrats! It’s always awesome to hear these stories, makes sticking to the “plan” so much easier

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Thrilled to only be up 1 pound after an unexpected 3-week disruption due to the California wildfires. Back to it.

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Down 0.2kgs this week after a month going up or staying the same. At last had been stuck on the same weight for a few weeks.

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Last week was a mess. Work, sick, no rides. I am not good at dialing the food back when I am not active. I am going to need to make some adjustments and try to get back on the rails.


Had a good thing going, now flat for the third week in a row. Still watching calories but not as closely. Have some big rides coming up over the next 2 weeks so will likely not calorie restrict As heavily until those are behind me.

On the bright side my last couple weeks of riding I’ve felt really strong.

Bummer - put on a little bit and in the red. I have been tracking weekly averages and not daily weights since it can vary so much. But 2 of the last 4 weeks in the red…even though both red for less than 1lb… I think I am getting a bit burnt on tracking everything so going to take a break for a couple of weeks and try to be better and get back to cutting nightly snacks out! Just finishing up SSB1 (recovery week is next week) and hoping to hit goal by the end of SSB2 which is reasonable as it is only 0.5lb/week. Would like to not be restricting at all once I hit Build phase.

Seems like a lot of us lost a little momentum. I still want to reach my goal so I am going to refocus.

I am back to logging food. I also shifted to morning rides to try to ensure a little more consistent days on bike. I have noticed my focus in the morning at work is much better when I do. Fridge has been stocked with more of the right stuff.

You expect this after 10+ weeks of dieting. You just get tired of doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the same. Minimum 1 hour rides daily (trying for 2 but schedule etc) and tracking what I’m eating are the keys to success for me. Just doing them again after having done it for so long is a bit…hard :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ugh. Just like that, after a very successful month of tracking everything and being very consistent with my diet, yesterday I had a pretty shitty day. A sausage roll after lunch was followed by pastries (that I had originally bought as a gift for the flatmates and guest we had, but most of which were still there when I came home from work) and finished with bread and chocolate (I was preparing a cake, and there was SO MUCH LEFT).

I understand it was just triggered by having all this stuff around: I’m usually quite good at not buying “trigger foods” and staying away from temptations, but yesterday I properly crashed and ended up having probably more than 5000kcal on a rest day.

Just a small hurdle in the process, but oh my god it’s so frustrating!!


Carb loading in preparation for a race on Sunday. Had a massive jump in weight as a result, and a massive drop today after the race.
Result, week on week, -0.1. Boom. :slight_smile:


80kg today as well. Nothing moving forward but not moving backwards either.

Hitting the 2nd week of cycling so hopefully I’ll start seeing myself shed some water weight and get back into the process of losing weight. Diet is now back to full on as it should be again now that I’m in the right space to do that

Good luck this week all


Weight still coming down, but very slowly. Day to day it fluctuates as much as a kg, but if I focus on a 7 day average I have been losing 0.2 kg per week for the last 8 weeks or so. I’m happy with this rate of loss since I’m able to eat mostly as I like without restricting myself too much.

My gym re-opened today for the first time in 6 months so I was finally able to re-test my FTP. I have finally made it to 3.5 W/kg for the first time :tada: It’s also my highest FTP so good to know the weight loss hasn’t affected raw Watts either. Feeling really motivated now but a little nervous about how difficult the workouts will be!!


I’ve joined the sheet, yesterday I had an Inbody 720 scan, there are papers showing 98% accuracy to DEXA standard.

22.7kg fat mass
11kg fat mass to lose
Visceral fat level off the scale
Skeletal muscle mass 37.5kg, slightly above average

54 year old male heading for trouble if I don’t change things.


good luck, you need a good plan, you can try fitnesspal as a little helper, started to reuse it since a week, so i have more control what i eat.
At the beginning it’s a little bit of work, you have to create your recipes and i think so you have -10% to +10% of your real Calories of your meat, or you eat good convenience foods, often you only have to scan the barcode at the packaging and you have the calories in fitnesspal

One Tip, it worked for me totally good, go walking, every day, the best would be a small mountain, i have done this years ago and lost arround 10kg in a year, combined with Paleo Food and the good thing, i hold this weigth afterwards, now i have my second step, want to loose weight ~6-7kg to get a better W/kg

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Thanks, I have a plan and it definitely will not include weighing food and micro managing food, been there and it’s thoroughly miserable. I wouldn’t care if my body mass overall doesn’t decrease by much, the goal is visceral fat reduction.
So alcohol is gone for one, yes I will watch what I eat but I will not be “dieting”.


I’ve 100% fallen off the wagon with this, couldn’t tell you how many weeks (months) I last logged my weight.

Started tracking my weight yesterday morning, I like to average across 7 days so will update Monday next week with this current weeks 7 day avg.

I know I’ve put a few kilo’s back on - time to buckle up and get back on it.


i haven’t made i diet too, only eating good things and of course no alcohol! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Speak of the devil for me this week…

Woke up today and the scale read 79.7. First real water weight flush in 2 weeks. Body is pretty much adjusted at this point.

I won’t update my numbers as it is not yet time to. However, for those that are starting out or have been on a plan and haven’t seen anything move, remember to give your body time to adjust. I’ve found 3-4 weeks is around the right amount of time before your body starts shedding weight as you hope.

Good luck for the rest of you this week!