Weekly Calendar TSS target not adding up

I did a ride on Zwift yesterday - 1hr 30min TSS - 70 and the calendar has pulled it through to on my pc fine and shows the TSS as 70.

However, when I look at the weekly total TSS number on the right, it’s missing in the goal TSS but appears in the actual TSS.

For example, my total TSS for the week is showing as 241 and it’s showing that I’ve completed 102. So it shows - 102/241

This 102 is made up of the Zwift ride at 70, a 20 minute run at 16, and a 30 minute swim at 16.

The goal TSS for the week (241) is made up of the 16 plus 16 from today, 65 for tomorrow, 16 and 16 from Friday, 96 from Saturday and 16 from Sunday. The 70 from the Zwift ride yesterday is not in it for some reason.

The numbers for the week should be 102/311 and not 102/241

Is this a known issue?

Thanks and loving the calendar and the forum.

Hi George, the goal TSS of 241 is of “planned” rides. If you didn’t ‘schedule’ a ride for yesterday, then that’s extra on top of what your training plan has already laid out for you for the week. The actual TSS is the sum of all the work you do in a week, and the 102/241 is just showing how much you’ve completed out of the prescribed training load. Does that make sense?

Hi Larry. Yes that makes perfect sense thanks. I did have a plannned ride in but couldn’t find any way to “replace” it with my external Zwift ride so I had to delete it.

Is there no way to replace a ride like there used to be?