Manual rides TSS count in Calendar?

I rode a race but forgot to start my Garmin😩

I added the ride manually and estimated my TSS but it doesn’t appear to count towards my weekly total, should it?

It should for the “Actual”, but it won’t be in the “Planned” side since you likely did not have it entered on the calendar before the day.

Edited to add: Make sure that you check the “Completed” box near the top of the screen, and it should show in the actual totals after that.

I think the format on the week is “Planned / Actual” in the TSS values.

I reserve the right to be wrong, and hope that others will confirm or correct my claim above.


It seems to count in total in the weekly rides menu:

But not in the Calender?

(The ride was on Sunday)

OK, I believe that is a known issue and is planned for correction at some point.


You definitely need to tick the ‘completed’ box when creating a manual entry.
To be honest that should be the default. You don’t normally add a manual entry on the same day if you have not done it yet.

This is a good point John. I’ll mention this to our Product Managers for future consideration :+1:

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Yup I ticked that.

Hmm, if that checkbox is ticked, then your TSS should absolutely show up in the Weekly TSS summary.

I have asked a Support Agent to reach out to you at the email associated with your TrainerRoad account, so keep an eye out :slight_smile: They will be able to take a closer look at your account and see what is going on here.