Unplanned runs not counting towards weekly time/TSS [Resolved ✅]

I just recently noticed that the weekly time/TSS calculation in the calendar doesn’t use the “actual” time/TSS from the activity but the planned time/TSS instead. Would it not make more sense to use the actual?

I don’t plan running into my week and add it in where and when I feel so I typically put it in with a planned time of 0, or as close to as you can (1 second), so that the planned and actual totals for the week are an accurate representation (or should be).

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Hey! Just so Im clear on your request; you’d like the card view from the calendar to update workouts with completed TSS (updating planned), and keep the week summary on the right that shows planned versus completed TSS, correct?

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That would be a nice work around while we wait for TR to implement run uploads


Hi Ivy. For me, the only thing I would want changing about the above is that the weekly totals added up correct. I’d still expect the planned TSS to be “0” for an unplanned workout but the weekly total would use the actual rather than planned for the total.

In the week shown above for example the run TSS should show “127/2” for actual/planned TSS. That way when you look back you can see there was more stress than planned similar to how the bike shows “359/349” because there was more TSS than planned.

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Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve reported this to the team, and a fix is in the developer’s queue to address it!

I’ll circle back to provide an update once it’s resolved. :sunglasses:


Just wanted to note that it does the same for swims. My default swim that I copy and paste adds up to 144 which is what I see displayed my “actual” is 170.

It does show it correctly on the bar graph across the top on the web calendar. Right now to the right of the week on calendar it adds up to 311 which is incorrect, but shows 413 if I hover over the week on the bar graph.


Thanks for reporting. We’ll get a fix going for that one too!

UPDATE! The fix has been released for this issue. TSS and Duration should now be accurately reflected on manual completion of planned runs and swims.

On your calendar, manually completed planned activities (for run, swim, or any type) should now use the correct actual duration and actual TSS from the workout.


Does that mean that TSS for a run is pulled from say a Stryd? How is it calculated otherwise?

no - that isn’t integrated yet

its based off the RPE that is entered into the workout. If you are using Stride, you could match up the RPE number to match the TSS from the Stride.


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Thanks Mike, so would adaptive training take account of the actual TSS v the planned TSS from a run and therefore adapt the bike workouts according to fatigue?

Adaptations for swim and run activities in Tri plans are based upon completion for now.

as Ivy said - it doesn’t adapt your bike workouts based on your swims/runs.

However - the newer TR triathlon plans (I don’t remember exactly when these updated ~ approx. 1 1/2 years) are much better at balancing fatigue. In the past you would often get some bike workouts, Elephants +2 can eat a bag of hammers, that with fatigue from swims and runs were downright diabolical.

With AT, if you are struggling in bike workouts, make sure to mark it correctly. There is an option on the survey when you “struggled” that is fatigued. It should adapt some of your upcoming bike work outs or give you more rest.


Thanks Ivy and the TR team for the quick response, all looks good on my end :ok_hand:

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