TSS Display in Calendar View - Too Confusing?

Hi All,

I’m not sure if this is just me, but does anybody else find the way that TSS is displayed in the Calendar view (right hand side on the web version) extremely confusing? I especially have issues mid-week.

I understand that there is a split between indoor and outdoor, but I also seem to lose track of what TSS I’ve done so far vs. what is left to go.

The way it shows on the “Career” bar graph as you hover over is abundantly clear. But when viewing on the calendar it seems like you have to add the two numbers either side of the “/” to get the total you have planned for that week? If so, I can’t do that sort of math after a workout!

Can anyone think of a better way of displaying it, bearing in mind it would need to include the following:

  • Planned/Completed TSS
  • Indoor/Outdoor TSS
  • Hours Planned/Completed
  • Multisport time for our Triathlon friends.

Thanks for your time. Feel free to make fun of my lack of comprehension at your leisure.


The format for the TSS summary is: (TSS Completed) / (TSS Planned).

One thing that can sometimes mess up my TSS summary is if I am not properly planning my rides. For example, if I haven’t planned any rides for the week in TrainerRoad, and I go for a 50 TSS spin on Monday, it will show 50/0. This means that I have completed 50 TSS while I planned 0 TSS.

If you want it to show up as both planned and compelted, you need to add a planned workout to your Calendar, and then associate the outside workout with that planned workout. You can learn more about that process here.

Of course, this is only one scenario, but if you send me an example week from your Calendar I may be able to clear things up :slight_smile:


One thing that i think would be helpful is seeing how you are tracking against your plan. Currently we only have Completed/Planned but i would like to see on Tuesday how i am progressing against my goal.
Let me explain with an example:
Planned week:
Mon: 50 TSS , Tues:60 TSS, Wed: 50 TSS, Th: 0 TSS, Fri: 100 TSS, Sat:100 TSS, Sun: 0 TSS
For a total week of 360TSS. hence on Monday morning the tracker will say 0/360.

If after my morning workout, which i went a bit harder than expected, I performed 65 TSS. The tracker updates to 65/360. That said, it doesn’t say that anywhere that I am tracking above my target week plan. Hence, if I really wanted to hit my 360TSS, then I have to do the math to figure out which workout I should go a bit easier to meet my week. This is even more important if I failed my Monday workout and i have to add some stress to my Sunday to meet the week. Currently the only way to do this is to do the math yourself - See the difference of the two numbers versus what you have planned remaining and figure out if you have a surplus or deficit of TSS for the running week. This is a bit harder because the planned TSS for each day dissapears once you actually perform the workout.

My suggestion is to modify the calendar view to show: COMPLETED/PLANNED/TREND. So back to my example it would show on Monday night: 65/360/+15. Meaning I have collected an additional 15 TSS above the planned week. This additional 15TSS I can distribute as I like over the remaining days of the week.

Hopefully this makes sense. I think it would be an useful feature.



This makes total sense @alvaroe16, thanks for taking the time to share this. I can now see where that mid-week math comes from.

I will pass this onto our Team for consideration. One possible issue is that this could cause the summary window to grow increasingly crowded, especially for multisport athletes, but perhaps the design team has some ideas :bulb:.


Bryce, if I can offer a suggestion it would be to put a bit more info into the mouseover text that is contextual to the number you are hovering over. At the moment, no matter what you are hovering over it says “Weekly TSS”. It would be nice to hover over and see “Completed TSS Indoors” and “Planned TSS Indoors” etc etc.


A great suggestion as well. I will pass it on for consideration :slight_smile: .

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My TSS is perpetually messed up when I travel. I use the TR app as a timer and follow either watts displayed on the hotel bike (if I feel it’s accurate) or RPE, or some combination of the two. When the workout is over, I get credit in the calendar for the time but zero TSS. I have therefore been creating an “other activity” and add TSS manually, (typically cross referencing with TrainingPeaks hrTSS) which fixes the actual, but doubles up the planned. @Bryce, there’s got to be a better way, right?

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For workouts completed indoors without power, it does require a bit more effort to account for your TSS from the week. What I would recommend is this:

  • Complete the workout using TrainerRoad as a timer
  • Delete the ride when you are done rather than saving it
  • Then create a manual entry and check as completed
  • Then name the manual entry the name of the workout

This will ensure that your TSS planned/completed does not get messed up.

I know that this process is a bit tedious and that it’s a bit annoying that you can’t estimate the TSS of an indoor ride. On one hand, we want to encourage users to have some power source, whether that is Virtual Power, a Smart Trainer, or a Power Meter, but on the other hand, it can be a pain in traveling situations like yours.

I will pass your suggestion onto the team to consider.

Thanks @Bryce. The only negative thing about doing it the way you
suggest is that I lose the heart rate information and the image of the
workout that allows me to quickly see what type of workout it was. I
think I’d rather have these two things than for the planned TSS to be


Ah I see, I hadn’t fully considered that. Thanks again for writing in, I’ll clarify your point in our internal feature request.

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Related to viewing the historical TSS, I would love to be able to assign a general summary at the end of the week that would color code that weeks’ bar on the histogram. Maybe radio buttons that correspond to something like; Felt great (green), Oncoming illness (amber), Definitely sick (red), Travel (blue), Other commitments (purple).
I feel like it may offer another element of analysis. I think it might be interesting to see if there are any trends with increasing TSS to quickly, is work travel really to blame for poor performance, etc.

There is an annotation feature so you can write over weeks in calendar view. I think that’s better because different colours mean different things for different people.