Hours and TSS do not tie up

The hours and TSS of week 50 on my calendar don’t tie up. They’re way out. All the other weeks look fine. Is this a bug?


looks good to me. you have already done one hour and completed 56 TSS and the remaining workouts will total 4:45.

My calendar doesn’t work the way you are saying. Setting in the calendar, if there are any?

Yours looks wrong compared to my calendar for this week.


Yeah that’s how I would expect mine to work/look


What specifically do you expect to be different about yours? I think you’re just looking at the current week progress - looks the same as mine for this week since we’ve completed some (but not all) of our workouts

The difference between George’s vs yours AND mine is that our weekly total for TSS and time includes workouts done…George’s does not.

Isn’t this showing that he’s spent an hour on the bike and done 56 TSS?


Yes but the numbers for the week should be;



Oooo I see - I wonder if it’s related to the plan starting this week but not starting with the traditional workouts? Some things have been swapped and maybe that’s revealed some defect in how they calculate that stuff in certain times

Just a shot in the dark since I saw you started SSB Mid this week George. Perhaps since you replaced the Ramp Test with Goddard maybe the calendar isn’t showing the planned TSS the way you and I expect?

Not a second more after I hit “Reply” lol

I’ve no idea what’s going on :thinking:

Here’s hoping a TR admin comes along and explains what’s happening.

Hey George,

I think I know what happened here.

You deleted the RAMP test that was scheduled for Tuesday, is that correct?

When you delete a scheduled ride, the time and TSS of that ride get deducted from the weekly totals. After deleting Tuesday’s workout, you then only have workouts scheduled on WeThSaSu. If you then add up all of the time and TSS of your four scheduled rides, you get 4:45 and 262TSS, which shows up correctly in the total scheduled section on the right.

You then completed Goddard (but didn’t schedule it), so the time and TSS from that workout do not factor into the scheduled time and TSS. They do, however, count as completed time and TSS, so they show up in the total completed section on the right.

If you would like to make the scheduled time and TSS include Goddard, then simply schedule Goddard for today and associate your completed Goddard to the Planned Goddard.

I hope this helps!

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