Weekend ride not updating progression levels?

Just starting out with TR and using TrainNow for now. I import my rides from Strava and just did a big ride on Sunday (heart rate and power data). I was thinking TR would analyze the ride and update progression levels based on the ride. But there was no change.

Do progression levels only change based on TR workouts?

Quick answer is currently you need to schedule a workout, choose outdoor and then associate to your outdoor ride after you are done (or it does it automatically if you load the WO to your head unit). You can even do after the fact – i.e., do an outdoor ride, look at its profile and find a WO that matches, choose its outdoor option and manually assign (I think you have a week after to do it).

This approach is pass/fail. If you say you did it, your PL will change. No survey or analysis is done.

It does not yet automatically analyze outside rides. Lots of threads on this…

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yep… TR only analyses its own workouts.

Alternative is to match your ride against something from the TR library


Fantastic. Thanks for all the pointers. I was able to pick a reasonably similar ride and associated it with my week-end ride.

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