Progression level increases for outdoor rides?


For outdoor ride that are synced back to Trainer Road,
Should I expect to see progression level “credits” / recognition?

In order words, do outdoor training effects my progression levels?


Only if they are structured workouts that were on your plan, we’re still waiting for outside unstructured workouts to be counted as progression levels.

You can add a workout that looks most similar to what you did to your calendar and mark it as complete and then you’ll get the benefit for that

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Just to make sure I got it right…

So let’s say I go do a climb outside, I can find a similar workout in TR (based on what I actually did for power and time), add it to my calendar and mark it as done.

Is that correct?

Yep, I generally do it for endurance rides and try to match wattage/time

Add the workout to your calendar on the same day as your outdoor ride. Then open the outdoor ride and use the “associate with” drop-down to choose the workout that you added.


… but you have to be realistic when you match rides to workouts, otherwise you’re getting inappropriate credit for work not done.



@jonesy nailed it here – outside unstructured rides are not counted towards your Adaptive Training Progression Levels at this time.

We generally don’t recommend trying to pair a workout up to an unstructured ride as it can get messy. As @Helvellyn said, there’s potential to get it wrong and have things be reflected inaccurately on your Progression Levels, which could lead to more trouble in your training plan down the road.

We do, however, recommend using Outside Workouts! You can load them up directly to your head unit and follow the steps to your workout while riding outdoors.

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Hi is the above still correct? Regards Unstructured outdoor rides.



Yes, at this time, that info is still correct.