Custom Training Peaks workouts/ Outside Workouts/progression levels

I use Training Peaks for custom workouts - but still record all my data on Trainerroad (mainly because I supplement with some TR workouts and I like to be able to use the FTP estimation).

I have one small problem in that I would like to keep my Progression Levels updated as much as possible.

At the moment TrainerRoad will allocate my Training Peaks sessions a Progression Level when in my calendar and if i performed them indoors via the TR app I would get credit for them. I often do these outside. They reach my Wahoo (I assume through Training Peaks rather than TR) - I can’t however seem to be able to record the workout as an outside workout in my calendar- and therefore get no credit for it as a structured outside workout. It just captures it as an unstructured outside workout and therefore does not adjust my performance levels.

Am i missing something?

thanks - that did the trick

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