Outside ride = no progression level change

i’m curious if anyone knows why there are no training adaptations after outdoor rides with a power meter. i ride outside at least 1/2 the time all year round, so it is a bit of a bummer that my progression levels don’t reflect reality.

you can associate your ride with a TR workout, that way you get credit for the progress

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The TR team are working on getting progression levels to work with outside rides and other unstructured rides. Not sure what their timeline is, but it sounds like its a major priority

Currently unstructured outdoor rides don’t contribute to AT and PLs, it’s the No.1 task/update to AT that TR are working on. Lots of threads about it, rather, asking for it.

Until then either schedule a workout and mark it as “outdoor” which will push it to your head unit (Garmin or Wahoo), do the ride and when you save the ride it will sync back to TR and count towards AT. You’ll need to have authorised the links between TR and Garmin/Wahoo for this to happen. Or…

Do as @ArHu74 mentions, associate your ride with a TR workout after the fact. Quite easy to do. In the Calendar, click on your ride and in the dialog there’s an option to associate it with a workout. If you have a scheduled workout for that day then that will be the default offered otherwise just search the workout library for something suitable.

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thanks all!