WattsBoard.com Dashboard

I dropped Strava Premium last year and have been using WattsBoard.com as my performance management dashboard. It’s free and now having TR Calendar feature + this gives me a pretty good overview and helps build the training plans (better than Strava Premium). Just putting it out there if anyone else wants to save some money.

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Yeah, I’ve been using it for a few months. I have golden cheetah on my laptop but it started crashing so I went with this as a supposedly temporary solution but have stuck with it, even in free mode which is limited to 60 days of their PMC chart, but it’s good enough for now, but I’ll likely get GC on my desktop again

There’s a paid mode of WattsBoard.com or GC? I haven’t paid for WattsBoard and don’t see a way to do so.

Oh I guess there isn’t a paid mode for wattsboard, I thought there was for some reason. Golden cheetah is a free open source project

I just checked the main page and it looks like they now have a paid version. I’ve been on it for a pretty long time, so, maybe they grandfathered me in as a freeloader :rofl:

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maybe not the same but have you look at Elevate for Strava - Chrome Web Store extension of strava on chrome?
it’s free

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