Strava leaderboards no longer free

R.i.p koms

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Coaches everywhere celebrate!


It was inevitable that Strava would need to start limiting features to convince people to go premium. But I’m surprised they went after leaderboards as the first step.


Same here. Leaderboards are probably the main reason to use strava over map my ride/ Nike club / connect etc.

That being said you can still see the top 10. You just can’t see your position if you’re not in the top 10.

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Maybe they need to increase revenues in response to people cycling outside less often during the pandemic and so not signing up anew and existing users coming off the platform?

DCR’s take on the matter.


I think biking is up. Seems to be in Minnesota anyways. Trails are 10x busier than I’ve ever seen them.


There are a lot of fast dudes who don’t (won’t) subscribe to the pay service. KOMs won’t mean as much. That is a pretty confident step on Strava’s part

Of course the only chance I have at getting one is on an e-bike or on a motorbike.


Why didn’t they just run ads?


Hmmmmm, £7.99 is quite a jump from the £2.99 (IIRC) for what I wanted it for: the live segments on my Bolt.

I don’t use the beacon since it needs to run and my Bolt will do that, analyse of performance is better in intervals or TrainerRoad, routes have instructions when made with Ride With GPS.

I don’t think I can justify over double what I pay now for one feature, I’d love to keep it but that’s a coffee and cake on a ride and I think I’d prefer a slice of cake.


They said they didn’t want to make an annoying platform. Just wanted to make a service so good it’s worth paying for.


Sounds well intentioned, but Strava survives through mass participation, and the drawback of such a platform is that it has to be free.



I think they’ll still do okay. Most people like Strava because they can see their friends rides, so it still has that going for it.


To me, this indicates that Strava continues to struggle to find ways to monetize their platform. They have been unable to add new, premium features that motivate people to pay a monthly fee, so now have to resort to charging for a desired feature which has been free for years.

I am sympathetic to the idea that we have been using this for free for years and Strava is entitled to monetize it…but it doesn’t really sit well with me. No one made them offer their service(s) for free from the beginning, and now that they can’t figure out new ways to gain paid subscribers, they are taking back what was free.


I think this is an idiotic move. Just my .02


Wow, this is a really crap move. Segments is imo what made Strava stand out from the competition. There’s plenty free ride analysis and sharing tools available. I sure hope this is gonna bite em in the ass and they revert this decision. I’d be willing to pay for a subscription, but not at these prices.


I wouldn’t pay for their route planner as it is (or at least was.) They have a lot of catching up to do to be as good as for planning routes.

This is the dark side of being VC funded, and starting out with a completely and obviously unsustainable business model. They didn’t get bought, so now they actually need to create a business that will pay back their investors. This to me is the first real public sign that they have given up on being purchased as an exit strategy for their investors.
Interestingly, ridewithgps (to the best of my knowledge) is bootstrapped/not VC backed, and appears to have a sustainable business, even if it is much more modest than Strava.


I only use Strava to bounce indoor uploads now, but will look for alternatives. I may just have to manually upload. I use Premium TrainingPeaks, TrainerRoad (paid subscription), WKO5, and Premium Today’s Plan for analytics. I pay for enough stuff…too much actually.


+1 on Ridewithgps. It has segment breakdowns, and since I’m not racing against anyone but me, all KOMs are against my former self.


OT: Do you need TrainingPeaks Premium for WKO5? Can’t find anything about this.