Anyone considering downgrading to Strava Free Account since the TR Calendar release

Has anyone considered downgrading to the Strava Free account after using the TR Calendar?

Done and dusted many moons ago. If you want better analysis in Strava, get the Elevate plugin for Chrome.

Otherwise, the paid Strava is a waste for analysis purposes as there are better and free options out there.


Already done, not much reason left to pay for Strava any more. Strava is in a tight spot, the data is valuable to them so they can’t shut non-subscribers out completely. Their analysis was never that great, so not paying for it is a pretty easy decision.


I upgraded to a paid account a few years ago, but only did this for about 12 months in total. I felt I didn’t get my monies worth over a free account, but I decided to stick with it for a year because overall I felt they deserved support for their product.
I see no reason now to pay for their app.

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Already done…

Need premium for the KOM hunting…


Planning on it as soon as my yearly is up.

Same. Cancelled mine and running it through the end of term and will not renew

signed up a few months back. won’t be renewing it.

I continue with Strava Premium, but mostly to support the company. The social aspects, such as recording our club rides and sharing experiences about them, are 2nd to no-one. Strava is a great company. They just haven’t figured out a sustainable value proposition for their customers.


I stopped paying them a year ago, before the TR calendar was announced. Originally bought premium for estimated power and the training plans. Then a year ago realized I wasn’t using either, and so it was an easy decision to cancel the subscription. Absolutely nothing to do with TR calendar.

In addition, nothing new at Strava. All the good stuff is from 3rd parties (e.g. Veloviewer). Strava is unresponsive to fixing things like a flat segment along a canal that Strava has listed as a Cat3 climb. What a joke.

I considered supporting them until they stopped showing the feed in chronological order due to trying to be more social like FB and IG. I get they want to roll ads into the mix, and it’s easier to do so with a random feed, but that model shouldn’t before forced on paying users. There was a lot of folks who refused to renew after this change, not sure that Strava cares, but it does feel good when we can vote with our dollars. A word to any subscription service, give your paying users options, especially when your ambitions are to become more “social” and show them advertising.


Another one who discontinued their sub here. I had been a premium member since 2011
Still use the free subscription, but with price rises on everything, TR ZWIFT, Strava… I had to rationalise my speeding… sorry to say, Zwift and starva faced the chopping block.

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It’s the segments that keeps me a Strava customer. A head of some sportive rides I’ll star all the major climbs so that my bike computer will effectively notify me on approach and give me an idea of my pace. Not sure how else to replicate that without paying for Strava.
I rarely,if ever, KOM hunt these days.

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I already downgraded when I moved to TrainingPeaks. Now with TR calendar I consider downgrading TP as well.


I had the same evolution earlier this year. The only thing I’m missing is the last 6 weeks power curve - I have a spreadsheet that tracks these vs weight that has gaps since.

I am considering downgrading too once my annual subscription expires. The only thing that would make me consider renewing is the value of the live segments in achieving new personal best on benchmark climbs/routes. Also, I do use the route builder to plan out multi hour rides.

On a recent YouTube video - Best Tech of 2018 Round Table , DC Rainmaker called out Strava for a lack of innovation in 2018. TR was praised in one of these videos for rolling out their new calendar feature!


I don’t really use the Premium Account for the analysis tbh, it’s mainly for the easy download of routes that I see and want to save!

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Something had to go when I signed up for TR and it was Strava for me. I don’t plan to renew. I will miss the Live Segments though. I like going after them in my area. I guess I’ll have to guesstimate when they start and finish…

I forgot to add something about why I stopped paying for Strava.

When I am in good shape training-wise, I like to hammer some local loops and over the years I have collected quite a few hard won KOM’s.

However, some of my loops also form part of local crit races etc.

It p*sses me off when a 30 strong peloton can snap up KOM’s locally and effectively put them out of reach of solo riders, even if using a TT bike.

So if Strava can’t be bothered to distinguish between solo KOM’s and group KOM’s then they suck in my opinion. It has been asked for so many times and shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

So bye bye, paid strava account.