Wattbike Atom ERG mode problem

FYI Zwift works great on my V2 set to erg mode (and flawlessly in gear mode on free ride/race) in ERG mode the shorter intervals are even doable once you get the hang of it.

Have you tried Sufferfest? Feels like they actually tested it with their workouts. Works really well. It’s a shame the Sufferfest tone of voice is so gross, and their plans seem overly aggressive (at least for and older rider like me…)

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It struck me today that the 20 minute FTP test, which was the TR standard before the Ramp test came along starts off in erg mode but then switches to resistance mode when the 20 minute section starts.
Presumably that workout cannot be done now as originally designed using a Wattbike

I haven’t, no. I’ve generally stuck with TR, Zwift and TrainingPeaks. A pal of mine who got a Wattbike last year swears by Sufferfest, he really enjoys it. I could have sworn there was a trial code for Sufferfest with my Atom but I’ve only recently got my codes and there wasn’t one for it.

Yes there is a sufferfest trial…email wattbike and they will send you another one

Replying to myself. I raised a support call and TR stated the following re Wattbike and non erg mode.

“Currently, we do only support Wattbike Atom in ERG mode. While we do have plans for the Atom to be supported in other modes, that integration has been backlogged in order for us to focus on high priority features that we have been working on.

Because of this, I currently cannot give any ETA on when this will be integrated.

In terms of the Wahoo Bike, we do support ERG mode and Standard mode so it should not be an issue toggling ERG mode.”

I also asked about 20 minute FTP test and they stated the following
“ For the 20 minute FTP test, it will unfortunately still lock you into ERG Mode (which you might know is not recommended for the 20 minute/8 Minute test).

Because of this, we do recommend the Ramp Test on the Wattbike to get your FTP testing done :)”

I think that causes me to cross the Wattbike from my options.

After receiving an email overnight it looks like there is some new updates to the software.

iOS updated the hub software to 3.11.0
“Stable” firmware updated to v. 1.03.34
or BETA firmware users updated from 6.03.31 > 6.03.34

Having skimmed through the release notes there isn’t really anything mentioned about the ERG mode but it does look to have addressed some of the Bluetooth dropouts people had been reporting.

I’ll be training tonight so I’ll see if I can noticed any improvements :slight_smile:

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So after installing the new Firmware updates as post above my ERG mode on TR has improved markedly. Initially I thought it might have been a fluke but I’ve completed 2x workouts and both have been decent. These were both 2x steady state efforts on the trainer and the graphs afterwards were much better.

What I don’t know is what’s helped with the improvements though, could it be the Wattbike firmware update or could the newer versions of TR on my devices impact this too? Either way it’s a thumbs up from me (so far).


Excellent news, I hope others who have applied the firmware or TR update report back with positive news as well

It’s almost definitely the wattbike updates. They’ve said in their Comms that this is something they’re continually working on.
I don’t know if you’ve been updating your wattbike at every update but for me the erg dramatically improved with the previous update which was about 4 weeks ago now.
This latest one seems to be as good for me.

Either way I’m happy and I’m happy they’re doing regular updates to get the V2 to the standard we all expected when we bought it.

I’m glad I kept it!!

Long time WBv1 owner here. I’m really sold on the device now. It was not great to start with but it’s leagues ahead of where it was. It was defintely rushed out before it was ready I feel, perhaps to get ahead of the Stages and Wahoos. The v1 is better (just) than the v2 for my kind of training, which is steady state. I ordered a v2 but then tried one and didn’t like the feel of it. It might have just been an adjustment thing but the v1 feels more stable now. Sure, it’s rubbish at short hard intervals (although I’ve found that if you pause pedalling for half a second at the start of the interval you get a smoother, quicker ramp and you don’t overshoot) but I do those so infrequently. If you think about it the same was true of the original Wattbikes (you had to lean forward, push the lever, and twist the resistance knob).

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So Atom NG has arrived. Did a TR workout on Tueday -

- I’m sure the variablity in the trace is largely down to my poor technique - but frankly, who cares. The workout was fun I got what needed from it and so far I’m loving the Wattbike. Happy camper!

Hopefully that was not in erg mode. There is a lot of volatility there.

That was in ERG mode - from the comments above the Wattbike in TR is ONLY supported in ERG mode. I did mention my technique wasn’t great didn’t I!!! This was about the 2nd ride I’d done on the bike so alot to learn about managing the cadence/power.

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