Wattbike Atom and new TR app on Android not reporting Cadence on ANT+

Hi. New Android app will show power and cadence on my Wattbike Atom when connected with both ANT+ and Bluetooth, but will only display power when connected via ANT+ alone.

Is anyone else seeing this ?

I chased this one a couple of years ago … turned out to be a WB issue, but the only thing that has change this time is TR.

Pretty much the same issue for me. App updated itself, now cadence not reporting and erg isn’t working. What is the fix?
Setup = wattbike atom 1, zwift, apple TV, Samsung s10 to run trainerroad app.


Okay multiple restarts and erg is now working.
No cadence, which isn’t a showstopper.

Please reach out to the team at support@trainerroad.com. Device troubleshooting and dropout mitigation can vary greatly depending upon your device versions, firmware, specific settings, etc. They’ll take a closer look and sort you out. Sorry for the trouble!

Yep, same for me tonight. Also at around 20 mins power just froze at 190 watts (erg target was 197) so I switched to Bluetooth connection and it worked fine again.

I did see there’s been an official android app update which I’m not sure if this was installed at the time but it is now. I will have to check again next workout if this issue is still there?

Wattbike Atom generation One. Used the latest app, today. Zwift via ant+ and TR via Bluetooth on iPad. Faultless…apart from my legs.

Yep problem still there on the new updated app using ant+ on Samsung galaxy S9.

No cadence reported

Same problem with no cadence over ant+ but with Wahoo Kickr