Wattbike erg mode issues

Hi. I have the newest generation wattbike. I only use it for pushing sessions from TrainerRoad. I have done this successfully from the same devices with previous wattbikes and the device shows as connected. However whenever I start a session (in erg mode - doesn’t seem to want to let me go into resistance mode even if I wanted to) it just does not seem to read the power correctly and adjusts resistance unpredictably.

Any ideas what the problem could be. It’s really hard to get wattbike to address it properly. They have taken the bike back in and serviced it etc so they beleive it’s working. However it is clearly not. I am not a novice with smart trainers so I know when it’s not right. Have tried simple things like reinstalling the app.

Thanks in advance.

It may well be that your issue is related to the existing topic with a similar problem discussed. See the latest posts in there (over the last week or so) for what seems to be the latest known.

It may be appropriate to merge or close this thread as a result, but I will leave that to you and @IvyAudrain or @SarahLaverty to decide.

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