Wattbike - is it me or is it just rubbish with TR

So sad I swapped out my v1 kickr for a v2 Wattbike atom - it’s unusable on TR

Last 2 attempts with a reboot in between.

My cadence is steady (I’ve been using TR for 5?+ years)

Don’t make the same mistake as me…


Not sure it applies in your case, but there is a lengthy topic that is worth a look (if you haven’t seen it already).

Outside of that, have you contacted TR support to see what they can do do help?


Really appreciate the reply…

3rd time is the charm. Gonna switch back to one of the other 2 rides and see if issue comes back.

Yeah seem that thread and talked to Wattbike before buying it ‘the issue is resolved’

Let’s see what a repeat of sleeping bueaty gives.


Well there goes that theory (that it might be something in the workout…)

The dream is to hop on and train :slight_smile:
With WattBike it’s hop on and hop into the forum :frowning:

Roll on summer :slight_smile:

I’m a very happy Wattbike user and I’ve been with TR for ages.

My biggest learning point was to keep the cadence as close to a fixed number as possible.

So try and spin at 90, as close as you can get to 90.

Don’t look at the power, it will balance/adjust/normalise whatever magic drives the software.

There’s certainly an oomph sometimes when the power shifts up dramatically and Wattbike tries to catch up.

But I would again say, regulate your cadence. Don’t try and spin and slow down looking at power.

Just ride your cadence.


Also if coming from a wahoo device it might have had erg smoothing applied - do what you see on the screen wasn’t actually happening at the pedals.

On the flip side, Atom erg is a little harsh but strangely of the different apps, zwift, TR, WB Hub - TR probably applies erg more smoothly than the others.

I’d still like the option to drop into gear mode out of erg like you can in the Hub (at a click of the button) as it makes long intervals so much more enjoyable.


Yeah I do keep my cadence steady in this Ride before it goes crazy my cadence is consistently 97-98-99 then bang. And this is an easy bit post opener….


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Check with TR to see what they say from the actual logs. We can only guess from pictures.

There’s nothing else connected to the wattbike? That looks odd the way it has gone out of sync there.


Hey there! Sorry to see you’re having some trouble. I took a look at your ride logs and it looks like there’s some kind of Bluetooth connection problem going on.

First, let’s check that your Wattbike is only connecting to TrainerRoad. Make sure your Wattbike is not connecting to any other devices you may have nearby, such as any other phones, tablets, or computers. It could be helpful to turn Bluetooth off on any of those other devices that may be kicking around.

  • Bonus place to check: your phone’s Bluetooth settings on its own! Sometimes, trainers can connect to a phone’s Bluetooth rather than the TR app alone. Take a look at your Bluetooth page on your phone to ensure we aren’t getting a double connection here either.

It’s also worth checking to see if your Wattbike has any firmware updates. You can follow Wattbike’s instructions on how to do so from here:

Outside of that, other wireless devices, such as 2.4 GHz routers, wireless speakers and wireless mice may interfere with the Bluetooth signal. ANT+ and Bluetooth use the 2.4 GHz band. Try moving any other wireless devices a couple of feet away. If you suspect your router to be interfering, you can change your wireless channel.

That should be a decent starting point – give those points a try and feel free to let me or TR Support know if you need any additional help!

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Thank you all for helping / it’s really appreciated. Really interesting that you can see some Bluetooth issues - It will be a few days before I get a chance to do some more tests - but I’ll try turning off everything else and see if it’s happier… I’ll let you know how I get on :slight_smile:

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If your device supports it turn off Bluetooth altogether and try a ride using Ant+. I had an atom for two years and it was bang on for the whole time.

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I connect my wattbike to TR with both ANT+ and Bluetooth. This way it ties up the bluetooth connection should the WB hub or Zwift try and grab it. I do dual run with Zwift a lot but only pair the WB as a power meter, never a controllable trainer - this leads to disaster.

You can get very pretty graphs and do short intervals. Cadence is key. If these suggestions don’t fix then I would not hesitate to get WB out. What you sharing is not normal from my experience.

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Turning literally everything else off (jeez so much stuff has BT these days) and it seems to be behaving much better… will turn stuff back on one by one to see if I can find a culprit. It’s been regular enough to not just be a one off issue. Thanks everyone for support and suggestions :slight_smile: TR rocks


Had my WB for 2 years now and it works well with lots of software. Zwift, TR, FulGaz and Rouvy.
Agree with comments about keeping a steady cadence as it doesn’t cope with spin ups very well. My Kickr was pretty much the same in that aspect as well

I use a Wattbike Atom V2 on TR. Overall I rate it highly.

However, sometimes it does seem to go crazy: ramping up the resistance of its own accord.

Not often. Not predictably. But I have had this four times now in the last year or so.

I found out how to fix it by accident - just press any of the gear change buttons in any random order.

Doing that sees the resistance quickly correct back to the right level and then it is all good for another few months.

At first I thought it might be flat batteries in the levers, but I am pretty sure that’s not it. Whilst it is so easy to fix on the rare occasion that it happens, I don’t regard it as a significant issue.

I had my Wattbike Atom serviced a couple of days ago.

It had done about 450 hours from new and it was getting a bit noisy. (I now know that is caused by the worn/stretched chain just rubbing on something in the drivetrain - it doesn’t stop it working, but the noise was getting to the point where it was a little bit too noticeable.

On the Wattbike website, it states that after the service “Your Wattbike will feel like its very first ride.”

It costs £198 and, unbeknown to me when I placed the order, it includes a Muc Off Indoor Training care kit (which is £32 on its own). That was a nice bonus.

Anyway, the guy turned up on time (yes, they come to you) and spent just under 2 hours doing the service.

The chain and various rollers and other bits of the drivetrain were replaced. New bar tape. New versions of the locking levers / adjusters on the seat post and handlebar height mechanisms. A new battery in one of the gear levers. Even replaced the hex bolt on the handlebar stem that I had rounded off. Plugged into his laptop for checks & calibration tweaks.

He had me jumped on to do a 5 minute test ride when he had finished his work.

And yes, it did feel like a new one again.

Top job and I think the price is fair for the service provided & work involved.


Thanks for the info on getting a service.

Did the service guy recommend 450 hours then? Just wondering how often I should consider it. I kinda think that Wattbike would send a reminder but I don’t think I’ve heard anything.

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I’ve had an Atom since they were first released (6 years…?) - it takes a beating as I do most of my training on it, but it’s been bullet proof on TR throughout.

Regarding servicing, I’ve had mine done every two years or so. There are no real recommendations regarding service intervals; I’ve just got mine done when it’s got a bit noisy.


Same here - it was the increased noise level that caused me to get it done

I now know that the noise was caused by the chain being stretched through use and so just catching on the front of a sensor

Having seen the service done, I could easily replace the chain myself now. But when I look at the extra stuff the guy did when he was here, I am still leaning towards calling them out again next time

Unless anything else happens, I will wait until it gets noisy again rather than linking it to any specific time period / hours usage.