Wattbike Atom ERG mode problem

Doesn’t seem any worse than my kickr v5 :+1:

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Thanks @Tom_Gurden I knew nothing about power smoothing and thanks to a couple of threads on here I am now informed. Appreciate this doesn’t really do anything to the workout itself just the display and graph aesthetics. Going to try turning it off on the kickr just for fun. Thanks for the insight.

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Well that’s a bit of a difference! Power Smoothing turned off on the Kickr Snap and TR smoothing reduced from 5 seconds to 3! Think I need to work on my form at little!

I am really interested in this thread. I have just done Joe Devel and my v1 Atom doesn’t react fast enough. I don’t often do these sort of workouts. I tend to do more Gran Fondo sessions, but got a bit bored so changed to Rolling Road Race. I really would like to upgrade to a v2

Still have problems with it, this was one of mine this week. Cadence changes seem to throw it out a lot and when resistance is stepping up if you pedal faster initially (which I often tend to do) it can spike 20 or 30 watts over which is then followed by a massive over correction. In general my average watts for the intervals get pretty close to the target but are often a bit under. On balance if I had researched better in advance I’d have spent a bit more and bought the kckr bike but I have got used to it and figure it’s probably not a lot more in accurate than if I was riding outside or not in erg mode

Out of interest are you doing something deliberately that’s keeping the power high during the recovery intervals or is that what the Atom is ‘making’ you do?

Assuming you paid RRP put it on Ebay and you should get what you paid or even more. Then go and buy a kickr bike.

I would have done this but I didn’t like the loose feeling of the kicr bike, to me it felt like it would start falling apart after 12 months of regular use. My Wattbike feels solid in comparison.

I’m on a Kickr Snap - considering a Wattbike (but need to find the budget!). During the recovery phases I am just pedalling gently and try and keep my cadence up - this usually means that I’m about target power for the recovery intervals - just gives me a feeling of working just a little bit harder than prescribed!

I thought about that, and may still at some stage, but I am also going to get back to doing a few zwift races as well and wattbike works well for that. As well as the point that the size, shape and footprint of the WB work well for how I switch my set up between home office and cave

Hi all,

I’m new to the ATOM, I just recevied my NG on Friday. I did my first workout yesterday and noticed the power was really spiky. I’ve got my powersmoothing set as 3 (same as on my old TACX flux 2).

Did any of you ATOM users go to the BETA firmware? I’ve heard a few mixed opinions on FB groups. As a new ATOM user I’m looking for any advice really. One thing that would be nice would be to see what ‘gear’ you are in if you aren’t using ERG mode, maybe this’ll come with an update. As my ATOM stands at the moment it feels like the gear changed are abit unreliable and as you can’t see a number or see a cassette, your not quite sure were you are.

TR doesn’t support level mode on the WB, and have confirmed to me they have no current plans to. So gear changes have no effect.
The ERG power spikes are a real issue, especially as you can only use the WB in ERG mode. Mine can spike +/- 50 watts for no reason. Makes doing workouts difficult to the point of just giving up out of frustration. ERG mode works perfectly on WB Hub/ Sufferfest so it’s not a WB issue (both old and BETA firmware). My understanding is that the WB has never been properly tested on TR.
My workaround is to use Assioma pedals on the WB, and have them connected to TR, then use Hub to power the WB. Bit of an expensive and annoying workaround, but it’s the only way I’m able to use TR.


Does the new version react quicker for those 15-30 seconds max efforts. On my v1 it is very hard to hit them. I hit the target sometime, but the average is way short.

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There will be more experienced WB users who can answer this better than me. However, in my short experience with Next-gen Atom it’s been ok moving to the required watts when required, I’d say within a couple of seconds.

It’s the spikes in accuracy on longer intervals that are causing me the angst. I got the updated version of TR on both Android and iOS today and also change my WB to the Beta firmware yesterday and so far I can’t really tell of much improvements so far.

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There is a technique to the sudden ramps.

It takes around 8-10 seconds for the WB to raise the power, and if you raise your effort too much too soon, you will have a spike. Similarly, if you move to a higher before the power is required, it will take a while to settle.

Cadence will settle after that 10 seconds or so, and you can tell if you’re not doing it quite right by the loose whirring it makes.

This makes short VO2 efforts almost impossible, but if you’re looking at 30seconds or so, you should be able to settle in. However, if you get too concerned about hitting your absolute target power over short intervals, you may be disappointed. Mrs Y adds 5% to her VO2 target so that when it settles it is actually above your given target, but will mean that the interval is pretty much on target overall.

Longer intervals are no real issue as it sorts itself put. Frustrating I know.

I did Ebetts the other day and it looks similar to yours. Don’t expect a perfect following of the power, as I think some of the kit out there automagically smooths too much. I have our WB set to 6 seconds smoothing.

I use Beta too, on the WB, when it’s available.

Meanwhile we have another problem with the updated TR app that I’ll post separately.

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Posted on the FulGaz FB group re WB or Wahoo bike and issues with TR and WB were mentioned.
Must admit I don’t quite understand the issues.
30second or less intervals are challenging as the power spikes if you react too quickly?

Do workouts in TR work in ERG mode or not? Can you not switch between erg and resistance mode as I do currently with my Kickr V4?

I take it from the responses that TR are not interested in fixing anything…


The responsiveness to short intervals is only with the V1 Atom…it just lags a little and is therefore not great for doing anything under 30 seconds. The newer V2/next gen has fixed this issue and response is super quick.

The erg issue being talked about generally is only with the V2 Atom and is best understood by reading DC rainmakers review. However, in my experience having owned the V2 since September, the software updates have improved the issue significantly.

To answer your other question, no you cannot switch between erg and manual in TR on the wattbike Atom. You can ONLY use erg mode. I’ve asked TR about this and they do know but don’t seem interested in fixing this.

There are ways you can work around this but you shouldn’t have to. What I do is use the 4iiii viiiiva HR monitor which has an ant+ to Bluetooth bridge which means I can use multiple devices at once using Bluetooth.
Eg trainer road on one device and zwift or the wattbike hub on another…or all three!
As the bridge only transmits readable data and can’t control the trainer I can connect TR to that connection and use the gears to change resistance as if you’d turned off erg mode.

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Thanks for the info. That is pretty poor from TrainerRoad isn’t it.

Yes very poor. When I first learned this and with the erg issues wattbike had, I would’ve cancelled trainerroad if I wasn’t locked in on an older price!

I would’ve regretted that as I do love TR but I think this very small issue for wattbike users needs fixing

I second this. It’s a super easy fix, but I guess the volume of WB users doesn’t justify the dev time, even if that would only be a day or two max.

Your bridge solution is interesting - if TR allowed the user to select “read data only” or some such from the Atom, they wouldn’t need to worry about allowing gear changes.

Like you I’m locked into an older price, but having to use a Heath Robinson contraption just to get a usable workout is getting tiring. It’s a shame because the Atom works fantastically with Sufferfest & Zwift, I’m just not keen on either of those platforms…

I wonder how many of ‘us’ there are in comparison to owners of Kickr, Neo’s etc?

So far, I’ve struggled with Zwift too, it’s not just been on TR but at least Zwift works with ‘gears’ properly.