Wattbike Atom 2020 erg mode issues

@Nate_Pearson I just wanted to highlight the issue here and although it’s not technically your problem it’s something you should be aware of as it will affect a lot of potential users. Please check dcrainmakers recent review of the Atom2020 for details but as a long term trainerroad user and Atom 2020 owner this has left me with a sour taste in my mouth and if I we’re not grandfathered in at my yearly TR sub I couldn’t justify the cost as TR is currently unuseable in erg mode for me now and that I’m going to have to use zwift or something else that I can use virtual roads or something to train on until this issue is fixed.

I’m hoping the TR could perhaps speak with Wattbike and maybe help fix the erg issue as this being wattbikes flagship product and if it’s not playing nice with erg mode this isn’t going to help anyone including TR. Even if the option to turn of erg for TR on the Atom in the interim could be done it would help but we can’t even do that.

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