Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink release date?

Been seeing pre-release versions of the new Powrlink pedals in use on GCN and elsewhere, but can’t find any hint of an actual public release date. Anyone heard anything?

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Last update I heard was that they were trying to find the remaining vowels to remove from the instruction manual.


This is the latest, best update I’ve been able to find:

tl;dr: “Sorry, not this summer ('21).”

You will not have to wait long. Seriously. Not long at all.



Best of all it will be released and then not actually available for 15 months anyway :rofl:

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Not sure about the power link but I happen to know the Wahoo Rollr is being released on the 22nd of this month.

When GCN says at the end of the tech show that two new Wahoo product videos will be released this week starting 21 Feb, then you can easily surmise that both pedals and rollers will be officially released this week. Ollie has already done one video where he has been using the new pedals.

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Aha! I saw Ollie (and others) using the pedals in videos, but I missed the announcement on the tech show.


Not a release date but it’s coming soon… Looks like REI put up their listing earlier today…

Wahoo Powrlink Zero Pedals Leaked

Slowtwitch thread

REI listing


Saw this in Wahoo Utility app update for iPhone today


Ordered some yesterday - they were AU $1499 for the dual-sided (L/R power) version. LBS has stock, they are just waiting on the official announcement this week before handing over to customers.

my mistake*

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IIRC that’s not uncommon for DC?

For example the blurb here - Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter In-Depth Review | DC Rainmaker

I’m not reading it to mean that they are the single new standard against which all other power devices are evaluated (although they do seem quite accurate according to the review).

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I believe it’s more so to have a pair on hand if there are noteworthy firmware updates etc in the future to post about.

Look nice and I’ve been after a pair since the dawn of time, BUT £849 in the UK so really expensive when Assioma Duo is £530 :frowning:

Last year I would have bought them instantly anyway but currently all my bikes have crank PMs except my winter bike which has dreadful P1 pedals, and I cant justify these just for a winter bike. One day…

Both of you are correct.

I do re-purchase a boatload of things primarily later to use for future firmware updates/etc that might be noteworthy to post about. I tend to be more selective on $1,000 things than $200 things. I’m also looking at things like whether or not this is something that I’ll use in other ways. For example, I don’t need like 5 rocker plates floating around.

However, I do have a frequent need for trusted power meter pedals, especially to be able to keep on bikes for longer periods of time (both stationary and outside bikes). I’ve got two test (outdoor) bikes arriving this week, and so I’ll want to equip them with something trusted from a reference standpoint. It’s also best practice to throw away the first ride (from a power accuracy standpoint) on many power meters after installation. And in new-indoor-bike season, I quickly start to run out of power meter pedals to keep on bikes.

Long story short, while Speedplay pedals as a design aren’t my first pedal preference, I’m happy to pickup a pair as reference for power data when I need something solid/trustworthy.


Looks like you’re right. Removed my post so there’s no confusion

Wow, that was quick!


How have you found the pedals so far? Tempted to get a set.