Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink release date?

Literally have not installed them, yet. The bike they go on is yet to arrive…

I’ve put a few miles on them now, and they’ve been great. There are slight increases in q-factor and stack height. I couldn’t notice the q-factor change at all, and made a very slight saddle adjustment to accommodate the stack height change. The power tracked almost watt for watt with my Neo. Out on the road, the pedals feel and work no differently than standard Speedplays.


My experience has been similar to @gwhilts - I’ve had them now for a few weeks and they have been flawless. Installation is dead simple, and if you’re an existing speedplay user you obviously can just keep the same cleats/position. The only differences are the slight increase in Q-factor and stack height (although the 1.5mm stack height difference hasn’t been enough for me to change my saddle height as yet)

So mine have power drop outs quite often. Pretty annoying.

When connected to what device(s)?

Wahoo ELMNT Bolt V2. Both, pedals and head-unit are on the latest firmware.

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The Speedplay POWRLINK are definitely the culprit here.
I had it connected to another head unit today, and it lost connection 20 minutes Into the ride.
Also, it lost connection twice to the Wahoo Rollr in an hour ride. Didn’t have the same issue with a Quarq Pm and the Rollr.

Got my Powerlinks this week. So far so good! Only have done TR workouts with them but they work great and seem accurate. I do notice that they read ~10 watts higher than my Kickr 5 (or my Kickr 5 reads ~10 watts lower, your choice). So I am curious which one is more correct or if the “true” value is split in the middle somewhere. Anyway I am doing my first outdoor ride with them this weekend so look forward to that!