New Power Meter Co?

Anyone know about the new power meter company coming out that supply Wahoo that is about to release?

Are you talking about with their fairly recent acquisition of speedplay pedals?

No it’s definitely a crank based power meter. About a month away from launching in Aus apparently

Do you have a link to a social media post / article on this new power meter?

Oh sweet, no I haven’t heard about this yet. Been holding out hoping for a Wahoo power meter to come out soon

I haven’t heard any rumors in this regard … apart from putting 1 and 1 together with regards to their acquisition of Speedplay. But it’ll probably be another 2 years or so until we see Speedplay-based power meters.

It’s called the Magene Dual Sided Power Meter in collaboration with Shimano Cranks. According to the Aus Distributor they produce the power units to all Wahoo Smart Trainers

Shane Miller - GPLama - YouTube has a review of these.

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he has posted a video reviewing the left-sided power meter. I don’t think he has posted a review of the dual-sided version yet although he does have one as he post a picture on facebook.

fwiw, I have the left-sided one and have no complaints overall especially considering the price.

they may be a supplier to wahoo (I don’t know) but the power meter you are talking about has no connection with wahoo. magene is the brand.

They supply the power meters to Wahoo Smart Trainers. I think that’s the connection.

I presume the dual sided power meters are new or at least becoming available. The brand Magene have been around for a long time.

Assuming all this is true, I don’t see why Wahoo would want to release a crank-based power meter at this point, based on the unsuitable current-gen Shimano cranks no less. For single-sided power meters, 4iiii and Stages do a good job, and apparently Magene makes one as well. But over the next 5-7 years IMHO the market of power meters is going to seriously shrink once Shimano and the manufacturers decide to equip bikes with power meters by default.

It’s not Wahoo releasing it. Magene whom own the power meters IN Wahoo Trainers are. Wahoo are supplied the pm’s in their smart trainers. Although I see in the future they could develop their own.